Journal of Balkan Ecology is an international journal for scientific, educational and applied information covering all aspects of the processes concerning the environmental quality of our planet and particularly the Balkan countries. The Journal is dedicated to the fundamental and technological research on main problems of the natural and anthropogenetic ecosystems in all scientific areas. It is devoted to the protection and improvement of environmental quality.

The Journal of Balkan Ecology comprises the significant ecological achievements both in the Balkan countries and around the world. It establishes communication with the international ecological organizations to up-date their activity in these countries. The Journal serves to interchange information concerning ecologically grounded decisions and actions. It stresses on the contamination sources; the monitoring of physical, chemical and biological pollutants; the media subjected to different kinds of pollution; and the technologies for improving the environment.

The Journal of Balkan Ecology keeps an eye on the modern attainments in the following topics: (1) Food Safety; (2) Soil Processes; (3) Pollutant Transport; (4) Land Use; (5) Water Quality; (6) Aquatic Processes; (7) Biodegradation and Bioremediation; (8) Atmospheric Pollution; (9) Living Creature and Environment Interactions in the Ecosystems; (10) Heavy and Transition Metals in the Environment; (11) Organic Chemicals in the Environment; (12) Waste Management; (13) Ecological Education and Legislation; (14) Ecology and Economics; (15) Ecology and Philosophy; (16) Ecology and Industry; (17) Ecology and Transport; (18) Ecology and Energy Production; (19) Ecology, Medicine and Health; (20) Problems of the Natural Cultural Heritage; (21) Ecology and Religion.

 printed organ, Editorial Board and periodicity

The Journal of Balkan Ecology is cooperatively published by the non-Governmental organizations: Balkan Ecological Federation (BEF) with President Academician A. Alexandrov; Association of Bulgarian Ecologists (ABECOL) with President Prof. S. Nedialkov and private PublishScieSet-Eco (PSSE) with Manager Dipl. Eng. Y. Dimitrova.

The Journal of Balkan Ecology was founded by a group of Bulgarian scientists, who were invited by Prof. Ivan Garbouchev in the Publishing House PublishScieSet-Agri (PSSA) located in the territory of the Poushkarov Institute for Soil Science and Ecology in Sofia in 1997. At this meeting, Prof. Ilia Christov (Doctor of Biological Sciences and Physicist) was selected to be the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Balkan Ecology.

Founders of the Journal of Balkan Ecology: Prof. Ivan Garbouchev, Dipl. Eng. Yllina Dimitrova, Acad. Alexander Alexandrov, Prof. Simeon Nedialkov, Prof. Georgi Tzankov, Prof. Alexander Sadovski, Prof. Ilia Christov, Prof. Ibrahim Kassimiv, Prof. Stavri Stoyanov, Prof. Detelin Dachev and Prof. Metodi Teoharov.

The international team of the Editorial Board includes: Operational group, Members and Associated Members. The operational group works directly with the authors of paper contributions. It specifies the profile of each paper and two Members of the Editorial Board, who give professional opinion about it. Then, the Editor-in-Chief accomplishes detailed editing of each paper. He contacts with the authors of paper and the Members directly by appointing place and time of a meeting by phone and using E-mail messages depending on their place of residence around the world.

The periodicity of the Journal is kept the same in all 10 years. It is 4 issues (books) per year with a volume of 7 printer's sheets.

Contributions can be addressed to the editor-in-chief:
Prof. Ilia Christov, Editor-in-Chief

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