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The Union of Scientists in Bulgaria (USB) was founded in October 1944 by 15 prominent Bulgarian scientists. The Union quickly expanded and became the largest organization of scientists and higher school lecturers. It now unifies scientists from different research areas, of different age, with different political views. During the years the Union has irrevocably stood its positions of independent, non-governmental, non-profit, non-political, professional and creative organization of scientists.
According to the changes in the USB Statutes – adopted at its last Eighth Congress, held on 26-27 October 2001 and to the Law for Non-profit Juridical Bodies, the Union of Scientists was listed by the Sofia City Court on 30.01.2002 in the Register of non-profit organizations as “national, voluntary, non-governmental and democratic, creative and professional organization of scientists” and as a “non-profit juridical body – association working for the benefit of society…”, as a Union “… built and functioning on federative principles“, continuing the innovative traditions of the scientific community in Bulgaria.


The membership in the USB is voluntary. Members can be physical or juridical persons. 

Every physical person - Bulgarian or foreign citizen, who owns a scientific degree and/or scientific title, or is a higher university graduate and performs or has performed till his retirement science research and/or lecturing, can become member of the USB.

Juridical bodies can become members of USB if they are unions, societies, associations, higher schools, research institutes, clubs and other civil organizations, whose staff consists of researchers and higher education specialists, and which are non-governmental and democratic in character and their aims do not contradict to the Statute of the USB. Members of USB can be organizations, centers, institutes, foundations etc. whose areas of activity are science and higher education, as well as those actively assisting and encouraging the development of science and education.

PhD graduates, specialists and students related to the research and lecturing process can become associate members of USB following a simplified procedure. 

Additional information on membership procedures, application forms, rights and obligations of members, honorary membership etc., can be found in MEMBERSHIP.


The USB performs activities for the benefit of society in the following areas:

Science and Research




Health Care


Informatics and Information Technologies

International Cooperation

Social Assistance

Tourism and Recreation

The USB can organize additional business activities, investing the incomes for achieving the aims declared in its Statutes.



More than 150 scientific events are organized annually by the USB and its units – international and national scientific congresses, national and regional conferences with foreign participation, scientific sessions, seminars, round table discussions and so on. In most of the cases, these events are held jointly with other organisatons, institutes and higher education establishments. 
At the initiative of the Union members, most university centers organize annually Days of or Month of science. As a rule, every significant event is accompanied by a publication of the contributions. Besides, the publication of Annuals with scientific articles tends to become a tradition in USB sections and branches. 



Annually, the USB announces a competition for scientific achievements. Researchers – individual members of the USB or of other Juridical bodies – members of the USB, can be nominated. Researchers are divided in two groups – up to and above 39 years of age and participate with works that have been published during the last two years in four research areas – natural, technical, humanitarian and social sciences. All researchers admited for nomination in the competition receive a certificate for participation. The winners receive a diploma and a material award. The awards are traditionally presented on the eve of 1st of November – the Day of the Bulgarian Revival Leaders and the Bulgarian Scientist.



For their research or active union development contributions, USB members can be awarded the Honorary Sign, the Certificate with badge, or the Honorary membership. 
The Honorary sign is bestowed to leading Bulgarian or foreign researchers nationally or internationally recognized, who maintain beneficial contacts with units or members of the Union. 
The Certificate is awarded to sections, branches or other USB units, to higher schools and research organizations, business or trade juridical bodies for permanent assistance or contribution to USB or its units. The Certificate can be awarded also to physical persons – governmental, civil or business related, who have actively contributed to the expansion of Union activities. 


Contacts are maintained with national scientific and educational institutions in the country and with the other professional and creative unions. Through its sections and associate members USB is affiliated to the international scientific unions. 
USB has signed agreements for collaboration and cooperation with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the National Agency for Assessment and Accreditation, the Bulgarian Medical Doctor’s Union, the Federation of Scientific and Technical Unions, the Agency for Bulgarians Living Abroad etc. 

1505 Sofia
39, Madrid Blvd., floor 2
tel.: (+359 2) 943 01 28; (+359 2) 944-11-57;
tel. USB webmaster: (+359 2) 943 30 22
fax: (+359 2) 944 15-90;
е-mail: science@usb-bg.org 

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