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information card of intellectual product


Corn soft drink “biovesina”

(Title of the product)


Short description of the product (incl. Purpose and possibilities):


Biovesina is corn soft drink, obtained after the fermentation of porriage with probiotic milk-acidic bacteria.It is pleasant in taste, specific in flavour and texture; it is consumed cool.The unique technology of production guarantees high and constant quality of the product.The combination of prebiotic and probiotic (milk-acidic) bacterias common for the corn drink “Biovesina”determine it as a new functional product with proven healthy effect.

The beverage is appropriate for regular consumption of all ages (especially children and teenagers) at every time without restriction of the quantity.The positive effect of “Biovesina” is scientifically proven in the cases of profilaxes or treatment after cardio-vascular diseases,diarrhea and exceeding therapy with antibiotics.



















































Completion extent of the product:(mark with Ő in the relevant place)



£ Fully accomplished and ready for incorporation                                                     

X Incomplete and it may be accomplished in case of external funding.


£ Incorporated and offered for multiplication

£ Incomplete and it may be accomplished in case of internal(author’s) funding.


Protecton of authors rights of the product(mark with Ő in the relevant place)


£ Patent       £ Licence       £  Know-how       £  Industrial pattern      X Unprotected


Sphere of application:healthy nutrition



Suitable form of realization:(mark with Ő in the relevant place)





X Sale       £ Leasing       X Co-opeative activity       £  Others: (what exactly)………………..