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Union of Scientists in Bulgaria

National Market for Intellectial Products

4000 Plovdiv, 6. "Mitropolit Paisii"
tel.: (00 359 32) 62 86 54; e-mail:


The National market for intellectual products is a juridical body, established for non-profit purposes to fulfil activities in private benefit with headquarters in Plovdiv. See address above. Founders of the Market are the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, some of its main branches across the country, Universitites and juridical bodies.

The main aim of the association is to assist scientists, higher schools and research institutes, profit companies and other organizations with commercial or non-profit purposes by means of information about, offers on, elaboration and protection of intellectual products, namely:

1. To be mediator between science and business for transfer of technologies and knowledge; To analyse, assess and make prognoses on market demands on intellectual products; To collect and offer information on ready-to-use, high quality inmtellectual products and offer solutions to problems affecting the consumers;

2. The Market owns a Bank of intellectual products for implementation in the following areas:

- medicine and dentistry;

- agrarian sciences;

- information technologies;

- food technologies;

- machine building and electronics;

- humanities;

- chemical technologies.

3. Makes expert assesment of intelelctual products;

4. Investigates the technical and economic efficiency of the implementation of intellectual products;

5. Establishes expert teams for solving problems commissioned by the business;

6. Organizes and carries out consultancy activity;

7. Organizes and carries out specialized courses;

8. Exibits the intellectual products at international trade and scientific exhibitions


More specific information can be found here:

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