Ivan Matev

Complications and Errors in Hand Surgery

The book presents an enormous summarized experience of well known surgeons, each one expert in his field, in the treatment of hand and upper limb disorders:


Raoul Tubiana: Dupuytren’s Disease and Functional Problems Affecting Instrumentalist Musicians;

Isidor Kessler: Flexor Tendon Surgery;

Giorgio Brunelli: Peripheral Nerves;

Guy Foucher & Patrick Lorea: Microsurgery of the Hand;

Sydney Biddulph: Silicone Implants;

Robert McFarlane: Epinephrine, Anaesthesia and Tourniquet;

Robert Boome: Obstetric Brachial Plexus Palsies;

Ivan Matev: The Spastic Hand;

Dimitar Kamburov: Morbus Kienböck;

Antal Renner: Fractures;

Hans-Jürgen Pollack: The Complex Regional Pain Syndrome;



The most often observed complications and errors in hand surgery are examined with the aim to point to a better way of prevention.

The book will be useful for surgeons, hand surgeons, neurosurgeons and all physicians, dealing with surgery and physiotherapy of hand and upper extremity.



2006/248 pp./80 illus. (approx)/

ISBN 978-954-832976-7

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