for foreign members of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria (USB)


1. In correspondence with Article 11, paragraph 6 of the Statute of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria these Regulations arrange the procedures for adopting foreign citizens as members of the USB, the membership fee, their rights and obligations.

2.1. Member of USB can become any researcher with foreign or double citizenship, which:

-            has been conferred a scientific degree or academic rank (habilitation):

-            is engaged in scientific, research, consultancy, expert or lecturing activity;

-            is author of creative achievements with research value;

-            is in constant contact with Bulgarian researchers, Bulgarian academies, universities, higher education establishments, scientific organizations or research departments in trade companies;

2.2. By way of exception, members of USB can become foreign citizens with higher education who are owners, managers or experts of trade companies dealing with science research, consultancy and expert activities.

3.1. The written application for membership signed by the foreign citizen is addressed to the respective scientific section or branch of the USB - with the following enclosures:

- a short CV with bibliographic reference of main research work;

- copies of two research publications - chosen by the applicant;

- written references from two regular members of the USB;

3.2. The applications for foreign membership in USB, together with the approval of the respective scientific section or branch of the USB, of which the candidate would like to become member of, are put forward to the Executive board for endorsement.

3.3. Membership applications forwarded directly to the Executive board are sent for approval to the section or branch, closest to the research field of the candidate.

4.1. The foreign member of the USB is included in the list of members of the section or branch of which he wishes to become a member and where he could best satisfy his research contacts.

4.2. The foreign member upon adoption, receives a membership certificate and the present Regulations in English.

4.3. A short information on the new member is published in the bimonthly Nauka magazine of the USB.

4.4. Information on the new member is included in the web page of the USB, where the present Regulations are available.

5.1. The foreign USB member has the obligation to pay his fee yearly. The adoption membership fee for foreign USB members is 50 USDollars or the equivalent in Euro or leva. Out of them an amount of 20 USDollars represent introductory membership fee and are forwarded to the central headquarters of the USB. For every subsequent year the membership fee is 30 USDollars.

5.2. The foreign member is excluded from the membership list if he has omitted to pay his fee for more than two consecutive years.

6. The USB foreign member has the right to:

- receive free of charge the USB Nauka magazine;

- to receive every six months information on USB scientific events in the respective field;

- to be assisted in establishing contacts with higher schools, research institutions and individuals in Bulgaria.

- to receive preferences when using the services or the recreation center of the USB - the Fr. Joliot-Curie International House of Scientists.

- to receive assistance from the section or branch of which he is member of for obtaining Bulgarian publications, statistical data, printed material, as well as for publishing his own works in Bulgaria.

- to participate in team work on projects started by the USB on Bulgarian or foreign programs;

- to participate in the USB award competitions for best research achievements.

7. The USB foreign members is required to:

- assist USB and its sections and branches in establishing contacts with partner organizations abroad;

- propose renown Bulgarian scientists in his field as foreign members of scientific and other appropriate bodies abroad;

- inform USB and the respective section/branch on scientific events held in his country, that would be of interest in the respective scientific field;

- collaborate in identifying scientific organizations/institutions - potential partners to USB for international projects and programs;

- gain over foreign organizations for holding international conferences and seminars in Bulgaria and at the Fr. Joliot-Curie International Center of scientists, Varna.

- deliver lectures in his research field during visits to Bulgaria;

- assist Bulgarian researchers in arranging specializations and visits abroad;

8. The sections and branches where the member is listed assist their foreign members in fulfilling their rights and duties.

9.1. USB foreign member of the same country, region of scientific organization can form a club or society, which is registered with the USB.

9.2. The Societies or clubs created after paragraph 9.1. can be joined by scientists who are not foreign members of USB.


These Regulations have been adopted at the meeting of the USB Governing Board, held on April 11, 2002 and approved by General Assembly of the Proxies on July 4, 2002.



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