The traditional competition for best scientific achievement, organized by the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, includes six main scientific fields - natural sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry and earth sciences); technical sciences; biological and medical sciences; agrarian sciences; humanities and social sciences and innovatics as an independent field. The 2007 competition has three independent chapters. The first one is for

Doctors up to 35 years

that have successfully passed their thesis for "doctor's" research-education degree in 2006. Young people whose dissertation work has high scientific value, and this value has been motivated by the reviewers and supported by the Scientific committee during the thesis examination, can participate, irrespective of being or not members of the USB. Candidates that wish to participate, send an application to the USB not later than 31 May 2007, accompanied by short CV and 1 copy of the thesis, auto referral and the reviewers commendations. The thesis should be sent as hard copy. The application will not be proceeded in case of missing even one of the mentioned documents. The Committee can order additional evaluation of the thesis to be carried out, which as a rule is done by experts, not belonging to the institution to which the applicant was or still is affiliated. It is in the interest of the candidate if he is able to present former publications related to the topic of the thesis, as well as author's rights for scientific or fundamental or applied contribution. After the competition is over, the received documentation is returned to their authors.

The winners in all above mentioned six scientific fields receive a Diploma and a Grant.


The second chapter of the competition is for best research achievement of young scientists for


Here too, young people younger than 35, can participate irrespective of membership to the USB. Their works should have been published in the last three years (2004 to 2006) and should refer to issues from among the problematic Prof. Naiden Monchev worked on, after whose name the award is christened. He is one of the founders of innovatics, as a new scientific discipline, treating the issues of theory of innovations and the different new invention implementation processes as complex socio-technological phenomena. Within the scope of this competition are also issues of innovation processes and systems management, innovation potential, risks in innovation, inventions in the innovation system, efficiency of the novelty and the innovation system etc. It is understood that the competition in this partition does not refer to specific innovative technical or other types of solutions. If it is the case, they should be referred to the third chapter of the competition.

Conditions, requirements and deadlines are the same as for the main competition awards, however the condition for the applications to be presented by a unit of the USB does not apply here. The first two ranking candidates will receive a Diploma and a grant.


The third main chapter of the competition refers to best scientific achievement of

USB members - Young scientists and scientists older than 35.

This chapter is open to individual and associate members of the USB, including newly elected ones by the application receipt deadline for the competition. Can participate also representatives of the juridical bodies - members of the USB (collective members). A condition for the latter participation is the existence of a signed agreement between the juridical body and the Central management of the USB, required by the Statutes of the organization.

The applicants present works published in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Works that are under print are not accepted, as well as such, whose date of publication is 2007 or 2004 or earlier. Research work, that has already participated in the competition, can be accepted only if it is a second, enlarged or further developed edition under compulsory condition that it has been positively quoted. The criteria and the indicators for evaluation of the works are well familiar and have not been changed for several years. Nevertheless, attention should be paid to the following:

1. Actuality of the treated topic from the theoretical and applied points of view for the country, as well as internationally;

2. The highest share belongs to the value of the research and applied contribution. It should be supported by references to:

- publications where the work was reviewed;

- quotations - how many, what kind, where;

- author's rights (patents, certificates etc.);

- practical applications in methodic, projects, etc.

3. In the evaluation of the work, other criteria are also taken into consideration.

- Individual publications have priority. When the work has been written in co authorship, a distribution protocol should be presented, clearly indicating the respective share of contribution of the competition applicant. A team work is also accepted for the competition, when the individual contribution is undividable, but under condition that more than 50% of the co-authors are USB members.

- The type of publication is an important element in the evaluation of the work. No doubt the highest rate have monographs, especially these published abroad. Highly ranked are research publications in specialized journals and volumes - international and Bulgarian ones. Participation in the competition is not allowed with presentations at scientific events, that are not international in character or national with foreign participation, except if they are not part of a whole study, which participates in the competition. - The prestige of the publisher of the study also speaks of the level of the work. A serious manuscript should answer the requirements of research literature publications. The works should be legalized as publications, i.e. should have ISSN (for journals) and ISBN (for books and proceedings). Specialized scientific publishers give guarantee that what they publish has been scientifically reviewed and point the names of the reviewers of the work, accepted for publication. A study cannot be considered as "best scientific achievement", if it is not known to the scientific community, has not been referred to by any edition, has not been quoted, has not been commented or expressed opinion on, there are no reviews on its publication etc.


The nominations for participation in the competition

are made by the scientific sections in Sofia, the regional branches of the USB, as well as by juridical bodies - members of the USB. In case of a candidate not being nominated by the above mentioned units, he can apply by himself to the competition, provided his application is supported by at least two reviews made by habilitated scientists - members of USB. This is also the procedure for those scientists that wish to apply directly for the competition. It should be known that the task of the sections and branches in not only to redirect the applications they have received, but to motivate their nomination. This plays the role as the first review of the work participating in the competition. If the USB unit nominates more than one candidate in the same research field, it should rank them.

The nominations for the competition should include:


The following documents

- Application for participation in the competition, addressed to the President of the USB, indicating the enclosed documents.

- Short work biography (CV) with compulsory information on contacts: home and work address, telephone number, e-mail address. - List of works, with which one participates in the competition, with mention of the author's pretences on actuality, scientific and fundamental-applied contribution and quotations, etc.

- The works in two copies. One copy is admitted only for books, published abroad and in English.

- A distribution protocol, if the work is in co authorship. Such protocol is not required, if an individual publication exists before the publication of the collective work, where the study of the author has been developed.

- Protocol with the decision of the governing body of the respective unit, that is nominating the scientist for participation in the competition, with mention of his research and fundamental-applied contribution, reflected in his work. Candidates that individually participate in the competition, enclose reviews of two habilitated scientists - members of USB. If the candidates wishes, he may enclose also other documents that will better help to clarify the actuality and the scientific and research-applied contribution of the work. One copy of the works, that have participated in the competition and have been admitted to the last round, remains in the USB - for use in the Union library. Candidates also get back part of the documents that they have submitted for the competition.


The deadline for submission of applications for the competition

is 31 May 2007

For applications sent by post - the date on the envelope is valid


It is very important to keep the deadline. If after reviewing the documents, omissions are found, there should be enough time to advise the candidate to remediate the file. That is why contact details are compulsory. Three weeks after the deadline for submitting the works, the Committee holds a session. Committee members individually review every nomination and the documents and decide which of the candidates to be admitted to the competition and have their works evaluated by reviewers. Eliminated of the competition are scientists, whose works do not meet the requirements for high scientific achievement, even though they may be useful and necessary.

Reviewers have two months to prepare their evaluations. These evaluations are used by the Committee but are not accessible to the candidates. After receiving all the reviews, the Committee gathers again. At the beginning every work is reviewed independently, after that the highest ranking are compared to each other in order to determine the winners in the competition for the different scientific fields.

Each of the six scientific fields has a winner who receives a diploma and a grant, one - for a young scientist, another for a scientist above 35. Participants of both age categories whose works have reached the last round of the competition receive a certificate.

As a tradition the results of the competition are announced at the finals ceremony which takes place on 1st of November - the Day of Bulgarian Revival Leaders and Scientists. The names of the winners are published in the Information Bulletin and "Nauka" Journal - editions of USB and are announced to the media. Additional information and questions can be received through the e-mail address of the USB: The answers will be published on the internet site of the USB, if they relate to general issues, or sent directly to the candidate.


Sofia, January 2007