Bulgarian Society of Biomedical Physics and Engineering

Report for the period 2003-2006


I. Scientific research and applied aspects:

-         9th National Conference on Biomedical Physics and Engineering 2004 with international participation – accreditation and Proceedings published

-         Participation in national and international congresses and conferences

-         Participation in the National Fund “Scientific Research”

-         Spring/ autumn Colloquium/Workshop on “Physics in man’s protection”

-         National Spring Conferences of the Physics Teachers

-         National Seminars on Risk Management, EMF, Mobile Communications, Quality Assurance in Diagnostic Radiology, Radiation Protection in Medicine and others

-         WHO Standards Regional Project on Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

-         Participation in the 6th EC Framework: Project “Sentinel” and Project “Biomedea”

-         National Workshop on Radiation Protection in Interventional Cardiology – October 2006

-         12. National Congress on Radiology 2006 – 19-21.10. Sunny Beach.


II. Post-graduate studies and training – organization and lecturers:

-         tutorials –  postgraduate and continuing training, also for students at the Medical and the State Universities

-         National Training Courses – in QA and RP in medicine (with support of the IAEA)

-         Reviews and expertises, editorial boards, specialized scientific councils, nationally and internationally

-         Common projects with international partners

-         Lectures in national and international courses

-         Publications in national and international scientific magazines.


III.Co-laboration and co-operation:

-         the Society became a collective member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria

-         in National Programs – for Preventing Osteoporosis, for Invasive Cardiology, “Medical Standards” – “Nuclear Medicine” and “Diagnostic Imaging” as well as in harmonization of the national legislature with the EU in ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, elaboration of diverse Ordinances and others

-         with the Union of Medical Societies in Bulgaria, the Union of Physicists in Bulgaria, also NGO’s

-         with international organizations – IOMP, IFMBE, EFOMP, EAMBES, CERN (correspondence, voting, teleconferencing, etc.).


IV.Other work:

-         first steps to introduce accreditation procedure for MP&BME

-         support of young scientists and researchers/students (literature, contacts, participation in national and international events)

-         celebration of the Year of Physics 2005

-         regular officers’ meetings (General Assembly 2004)

-         contacts and correspondence with members countrywide

-         regular maintenance of the website

-         celebration of outstanding members/veterans and renowned scientists and researchers

-         introduction of a membership card.


Next to the activities cited above, in order to meet the new century’s challenges of the information society and the national priorities, the members of the Society strive :

-         to strengthen the organization, the role and the significance of the Society nationally and internationally as a forum of experts and an advisory body

-         to assure methodological support to professional organizations

-         to improve and to dynamize the relations to NGO’s and other professional formations

-         to promote the participation in national and international activities (congresses, workshops, expertise, teleconferencing, e-voting, innovations, propagation and widening of the membership and so on).


The Administrative Council concentrates all its efforts to realize the aims:

-         preparation of the forthcoming scientific events: Workshop and Congress

-         to continue the successful practice in scientific events and PG & CP training

-         to raise the importance and position of medical physicists and engineers in hospitals, health care units and research centers, incl. their insertion in the clinical tracks!

-         to introduce an accreditation procedure for MP&BME in accordance with IOMP’s and IFMBE’s bylaws (ETCS, representation in the National Accreditation Commission, etc.)

-         to maintain and update regularly the Website

-         to update and improve the national data base of MP&BME experts

-         preparation and introduction of a thesaurus on NIR and IR

-         to propagate and promote ideas and activities of the relevant International Organizations and the National Society on BPE in order to attract new members (prevailing corporate ones).