Ancient coastlines of the Black Sea and the conditions of human presence
 Konstantin Sterev,  Dimitar Dimitrov, Veselin Peychev

The theme of ancient coastlines on the Black Sea and their housing conditions, known as the theory of events at geocatastrofic events - new geological history of the basin is extremely controversial and topical. In the early 80s of the twentieth century produced convincing evidence of an ancient shoreline in the Black Sea, located at depths of 90-120 m with an age of about 8 thousand years BP. It also found that more than 8000 years the Black Sea was a freshwater lake. As a result of research conducted at the Institute of Oceanology compelling geological evidence broke around 8,000 years ago catastrophic events. They are complemented by archaeological evidence. Through comprehensive research in oceanography, geology, geoarchaeology, archaeomithology and genetics
 have developed the foundations of a theory which is able to change existing ideas about the most - ancient history and human civilization originated on the ancient shores of Black Sea lake. As a result geocatastrofic event reaches the differentiation of Indo-European population and launches of new civilizations. The report presents the results of research expeditions conducted by the Institute of Oceanology in 2009 and 2011 of paleovaley river Provadiyska, a bank in the polygon Cocetrise Burgas - Ahtopol, which undoubtedly proved Paleoclimate events since the last ice age - Wurm IV and established the ancient coastline of the Black Sea.

 Keywords: Black Sea, ancient coastlines, geoarchaeology, ancient  civilizations