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Contents of  “Nauka” Magazine, year XIII, issues 1-6, 2003


Aladjadjian, Ana – Perspectives for the Use of Biomass as Energy Sources in Bulgaria            6/ 49

Alexieva, Ana  – On the Fibonachi and Ljuka Rows and a Project Dedicated to Them    5/45

Andreev, Vassil – The Global Problem for the Depletion of the Stratospheric Ozone  5/18

Angelov, Christoslav – Problems Related to Qualified-labour-Drain from Bulgaria            1/33

Anguelov, Simeon – The Social Role of  Scientists and their Participation in Political Decisions            4/23

Atanassov, Atanas – Practices of Some European Countries for Reintegration of Highly Qualified Specialists            1/24

Atanassov, Nasko – Scientific Seminar “Evolution and Ecology”        3/69

Bakardjieva, Nina – Evolution Laws and Ecological Concepts        3/24

Bakardjieva, Nina – 100th Anniversary of the Austrian Biologist Konrad Lorentz – Nobel Prize Laureate            5/70

Balansky, Georgi – National Competition for Programming, Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of John Atanassov            6/67

Bogdanov, Kiril, Stiptzov, Vassil, Konstantinov, Boris – State-of-the-art Issues on Privately-owned Forests Management            2/40

Borissova, Tzvetanka – Scientific Events at the Rousse Branch of the USB            4/87

Botev, Botju, A. – Academician Radoy Popivanov at 90        4/83

Brockman, John – The Third Culture        3/19

Bushev, Michail – Edwin Schroådinger on the Physics of Life  4/60

Bushev, Mihail – Highway “Scientists”            5/76

Chichanov, Boris – A Geological School Expedition – an Excursion or an Educational Problem Solution?            5/49

Chobanova, Rossitza – The U.S.A. Science Policy   1/42

Damyanov, Damyan – A Long-term State Policy on Reintegration is Necessary            1/31

Damyanov, Damyan – The Point of View of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria on the Law of Academic Degrees and Ranks   3/3

Damyanov,  Damyan - Speech on the Occasion of the Day of the Bulgarian Revieval Leaders and Scientists            6/4

Damyanov, Plamen – The Bulgarian Academy of Science Researchers in the Foundations for Nuclear Energy  2/26

Daskalova, Stoyanka – A Jubilee Scientific Session “Society for Knowledge and Education for Everyone”            3/61

Datchev, Detelin – Sustainable Development and Academic Ethics   3/36

Demirevska-Kepova, Klimentina – Prof. Nina Todorova Bakardjieva at 70                    1/70

Dempsy, Paurick – William Rowen Hamilton            5/72

Dimitrov, Boyan – Cloning and the Genome            1/48

Dimov, Peter - About the Problem of Using Internet in the Educational Process            3/28

Doncheva, Gergana – Marks of Difference: Stereotypes, Culture, Language            4/75

Dourmishev, Assen – The Main Points in the New Draft Law of Academic Degrees and Ranks   3/4

Dryanovska, Olga – 100th Anniversary Since the Birth of Acad. Christo Daskalov            2/70

Fileva, Petranka – Media in the Process of Globalization            5/11

Galabov, Antoniy - The Generations in the Conditions of  Social Disintegration            4/55

Galabova, Lidya – Analysis of Bulgarian Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Management            5/34

Ganchev, Petko – Globalization and Modernization            6/14

Ganev, Ivan – Rationality, Imagination, Philosphizing            3/34

Genov, Ivan – XIIth International Symposium “Ecology 2003”        5/82

Georgiev, Rumen – Democracy in Monetary and Fiscal Policy            5/3

Gergelchev, Valko – Prof. Rayo Dimitrov Stoyanov, D.Sc. (1919 – 2003)        3/63

Grigorova, Assya – The Launch of the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development of the European Union   1/15

Grozdev, Sava – Basic Educational Activities on the Way to the World Title            5/38

Guigova, Rozalia – The Souvenirs in a Social Perspective        3/43

Hanshun, Sie Days of Chinese Science and Technology in Bulgaria            6/76

Ilieva, Pavlina – The Archeological Museum in Sofia – the Oldest Museum Treasury of Bulgaria            1/78

Ivan Juhnovsky - Speech on the Occasion of the 24th of May at the “St. Ciril and Methodius” National Library             4/4

Ivanova, Blagovesta - The Saint Places in the “Description of Jerusalem” Engravings by Christophor Zherafovich and Chrisant from Bursa            2/63

Jankova, Ivanka – Information Competence – A Key to Success        3/22

Jordanova, Clavdia – The Union of Scientists – Stara Zagora Gala Celebration of the 1st November – the Day of Bulgarian Revival Leaders            6/77

Jovcheva, Irina – The Challenges to Trade Chains in the Process of EU Integration            6/59

Kindekov, Ivan – The Academic College of the Young Medics – one Year Since its Foundation            1/64

Kindekov, Ivan – The Young Medics Academic Collegium at the USB – Expectations and Opportunities            6/69

Kissjova-Gogova, Dochka – Sofia and its Images            2/68

Kjurkchieva, Diana, Radeva, Vesselka – Education by Astronomy Performances “Restaurant at the End of the Universe”            6/65

Kolev, Racho – Expectations for the Future of Bulgarian Foreign Policy            2/56

Kotzev, Ivan – The Bulgarians as Part of United Europe        3/51

Kuneva, Meglena – The Road of Bulgaria to the European Union. Perspectives for Science and Higher Education.            1/6

Lalov, Ivan - Speech on the Occasion of the Day of the Bulgarian Revieval Leaders and Scientists            6/9

Lazarova, Penka - “Reintegrating the highly qualified Bulgarian emigration" Workshop            1/22

Lazarova, Penka, Vavrek, Alexander – The European Roots of Bulgarian Physics        2/3

Lazarova, Penka – First School Science and Technical Conference            4/81

Lazarova, Penka – “Young Talents” Competition – Investment in the Future of Bulgaria            5/42

Lefterova, Rossitza – IXth International Youth Exhibition on Science and Technology – Moscow 2003            5/47

Marinova, Ljudmila – Research – Vanguard of European Equality            2/36

Marinova, Ljudmila – Is It Easy to Guarantee a Democratic Procedure?            3/16

Marinova, Ljudmila – University – Society: Who Will Change Who     4/45

Marinova, Ljudmila – The 2004 Draft Budget for Education and Science            6/54

Markovski, Dimitar – More on the Creative Portrait of P. M. Bitzilli            5/62

Michalev, Michail, Radomir Enikov – 40th Anniversary of the Institute of Electronics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences            6/70

Minkov, Kolju – The Bulgarian Academy of  Sciences – Assistance to Young Scientists and Doctor’s Degree Candidates            4/80

Mitev, Koycho – The High-Technology Business Incubators in Bulgaria            5/55

Mladenova, Maria – Marin Drinov and Education, Science and Culture Development in Bulgaria            5/66

Nikolov, Todor – Origin and Growth of Biochemistry in Bulgaria        2/11

Notov, Petko – The Reform in Bulgarian Energetics is Still Forthcoming            6/35 

Panayotov, Ivan – The University Idea During the Centuries            4/6

Parvanov, Georgui – A New Strategy is Necessary for the Development of the Bulgarian Science and Higher Education            1/3

Parvanov, Georgui - Speech to Participants at the Ceremony Meeting on the Occasion of the 24th of  May at the Bulgarian Academy of  Sciences            4/3

Parvanov,  Georgui - Speech on the Occasion of the Day of the Bulgarian Revieval Leaders and Scientists            6/7

Peev, Peyo – 90 Years of Prof. Hristo Hadjinikolov’s Life Course        3/59

Popivanov, Boris, Avdjieva, Julieta – Political Parties in the Changing Dimensions of the State System             4/67

Popivanov, Petar – 90th Anniversary of Academician Ljubomir Iliev (1913 – 2000)        3/57

Popivanov, Peter – The Abel Prize in Mathematics and its First Laureate – Jean-Pierre Serre    5/52

Popov, Goran – On “Quoting”            2/45

Popov, Vjacheslav – National Security, Public Order and Law-protected Secrets 6/

Proykova, Anà – European Week of Science            6/56

Radeva, Nadezhda – Educational Multimedia CD on Astronomy and Biology “The Living Universe”            2/52

Radeva, Vesselka – Successful Participation of the Bulgarian Pupils in the European Educational Programme on Astronomy “Catch a Star”            2/50

Raycheva, Elyana – Lamartin’s Companion            5/58

Roussev, Georgui -  The Double Spiral 50th Anniversary            4/63

Sendov, Blagovest – A Century Jubilee of  John Atanassov            4/14

Sgurev, Vassil – A Noteworthy Anniversary            5/69

Shishkov, Dimitar – The Two Sides of the Bulgarian Medics Euro-chance              5/74

Shkodrov, Vladimir – The Beginning of the Space Era        2/21

Stavreva, Nadezhda – Thoughts on the Status and Problems of Bulgarian Science        3/15

Staykova, Tzvetana, Aneva, Sabina – The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Central Library is Introducing a Modern Information System 5/53

Stoitzeva, Colina – “Science” – “Good” or “Bad”? 1/62

Stoynov, Vladimir P. – Academician Vladimir K. Christov (1902 – 1979)            1/65

Surpur, Elena – The Cyrillic Alphabet – Creation of a World for Eternity 4/10

Tanev, Todor – Constitutional Dilemmas of the Free Citizens            1/36

Tilkidjiev, Nikolai – Genesis of the Middle Class            4/48

Todorov, Georgi – On the Road to Unified Europe            2/77

Todorov, Georgi – A Creative Autumn at the USB Veliko Tarnovo Branch             6/

Toneva, Atanaska – The Bulgarian Center for Solar Energy            6/

Toshev, Borislav – Science Research and Its Significance for Higher Education            4/41

Toshev, Borisslav – A Lexicon of Educational and Scientific Degrees in Bulgaria        3/11

Tzenkov, Nikolay – The Science – “Good” or “Bad”        3/52

Tzvetkov, Plamen – The Liberation of Bulgaria            2/61

Tzvetkova, Elissaveta – Academician Assen Ivanov Hadjiolov – 100th Anniversary        3/55

Vassilev, Georgi – The possible coming back corridor – Forms and Alternatives            1/28

Vassileva, Jenia, Todorov, Ventzeslav – Medical Use of Ionizing Radiation: Benefit and Risk     6/

Vatchev, Boyko – The Bulgarian Nuclear Science and the European Educational Dimension                2/38

Vavrek, Alexander – 30 Years Since the Foundation of the Institute of of Solid State Physics and Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences                       1/72

Videnov, Michail – Assoc. Prof. Konstantin Popov at 80                 4/85

Videv, Vidyo – “Stara Zagora 2003” Scientific Conference with foreign participation        5/82

Vitanov, Petko – The Photoelectric Conversion of Solar Energy – Status and Perspectives                 6/44

Vladkova, Todorka – Dr. Victoria Sabeva-Shishova’s 100th Birthday Anniversary (19.11.1903 - 16.12.1982)            6/74

Voutzova, Albena – The Sixth Framework Programme – Optimism and Reality  2/29

Zaharinov, Botjo, Ilieva, Vesselina – Remote Sensing in Agroecology            5/28

Zamphirov, Milen – Solar Energy Space Stations – Reality and Problems        3/47

Zhivkov, Venelin – In Memoriam of Prof. D.Sc. Engineer Dimitar Alexandrov Dimitrov            1/81


A Planet Discovered with the Participation of Bulgarian Researcher            1/52

A Valuable Award for a Young Bulgarian Scientist            2/58

Academician Dimitar Mishev – Nominated for the “Special Contribution to Science” Award of the Ministry of Education and Science            1/55

Assoc. Prof. Alexander Vavrek, PhD            5/78

BAS – USB. Agreement for Cooperation and Collaboration                3/65

Bulgaria Joins an Agreement on Atomic Energy between the European Community and Non-member Countries            5/57

Contributions of Participants to the Discussion on the Draft Law of Academic Degrees and Ranks: Prof. Dimitar Poushkarov, D.Sc.; Prof. Atanas Atanassov, D.Sc.; Cor. Member Atanas Mehandjiev; Prof. Naiden Monchev, D..Sc.; Prof. Alexander Monov, D.Sc.; Prof. Nina Bakardjieva, D.Sc.; Prof. Plamen Tzvetkov, D.Sc.; Prof. Angel Galabov, D.Sc.; Prof. Ivan Chorbadjiyski, D.Sc.; Cor. Member Jachko Ivanov, D.Sc.            3/6

“Evrika” Foundation Insignia of Honour 1/60

Exerpts form “Regular Report of the Commission of the European Community on the Progress of Bulgaria in the Accession Process  09.10.2002”            1/10

Hunger for Scientific Research in the EU Candidate Countries            4/39

Hymn of the National Revival Leaders            6/3

Information Days on the Sixth Framework Programme of the EU in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences            1/21

Laureates of the USB Prize for High Scientific Achievements ‘2003        6/10

Members of the Presidium of the Higher Certification Commission            3/67

Ministry of Education and Science Awards for Active Participation in the Fifth Framework Programme of the EU  1/59

National Celebration of  the 100th Anniversary of  John Vincent Atanassov            4/13

NATO “Science and Society” – Recognition for the Bulgarian Scientists            4/32

Newly Elected Academicians – Members of USB     6/12

Newly Elected Academicians of the Bulgarian Academy of  Sciences            4/86

Opportunities for Education and Training in Europe 2/59

Personal Grants of Evrika Foundation        3/54

Prof. Bogdan Dimitrov Bogdanov, D.Sc.               5/78

Prof. Boyan Biolchev, D.Sc. – Nominated for the “Special Contribution to Bulgarian Education” Award of the Ministry of Education and Science, for the Honorary “Marin Drinov” Symbol of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Honorary Symbol with Blue Ribbon of the “St. Kliment Ohridsky” University of Sofia    1/55

Prof. Dr. Todor Krumov Nikolov (1923-2003)   2/73

Prof. Ivan Genov, D.Sc.            5/79

Prof. Kirana Ivanova Dantcheva (1931-2003)            2/74

The 2002 Annual Awards of the “Science Research” National Council of the Ministry of Education and Science            1/57

The Government Adopted a Draft Law to Encourage Science Research            4/31

What Should We Know about the Sixth Framework Programme            2/31

Why the EU Intends to Increase Investments in Science Research            4/35




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