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Contents of “Nauka”  Magazine, year XII, issues 1-6, 2002


Angelieva, Karina – “The Paradoxes” of Transition in Hungary            1/29

Angelova, Ana – The Media Library – New Life for Today’s Library 5/17

Arnaudov, Atanas – Brucella – Causes and Spread in Bulgaria            6/

Biolchev, Boyan – Speech Delivered on 24th of May, 2002 in the Aula of “St. Kliment Ohridski” Sofia University            4/6

Bogdanov, Kiril – The Forest as an Integrated System of Resources            3/7

Bonchev, Panayot – A Researcher with Notorious Precision                      1/58

Choulova, Daniela – Art Mythology for the Period 1960 – 1989        5/38

Damgov, Vladimir – An Opinion on the General Frame of Science and Technology Policy and the Necessary Legal Initiative            4/64

Damianov, Igor – Science Requires Peace and Stability            1/3

Dimitrov, Boyan – Plant Genetic Engineering – Achievements, Risks, Legal Aspects            4/27

Dimitrov, Roumen - The Bulgarian Participation in the Antarctic Research                      5/24

Dimitrova, Zlatinka, Vitanov, Nikolay - Population Dynamics and its Unexpected Applications            5/27

Djulgerova, Nina – 22nd September 1908 – “The UnknownEvent in the New Bulgarian History 5/48

Dokova, Yonka, Kindekov, Ivan, Tokmakova, Rossitza – On the Circumstances that Determined the Establishment of Prof. Stoyan Stoyanov’s Psychiatric School  4/49

Doncheva, Guergana – The Young Generation of the Balkans: Historical Trends and Perspectives            6/

Drjanovska, OlgaAcademician N. P. Dubinin Scientist, Artist, Master of the Belles Lettres        5/55

Gasharov, Stoyan – Water Conservation and the Application of Superabsorbing Polymers                      2/31

Gasharov, Stoyan – The Water – A Strategic Resource            6/

Grigorova, Assja – NATO Research Program            2/36

Igov, Nikolay – “Bai Nikola” from a Letter by Stefan Stambolov            3/75

Ivanova, Tanja – 30th Anniversary of the First Bulgarian Space Instruments-Building Project            6/

Jakimov, Naum – The Idea on Creating an All-European Research Area Found a New Development in Copenhagen            6/

Klissurski, Dimitar – 80 Years “Chemistry and Industry” Yournal            3/74

Kohen, Ezra – The European Conference on Aerosols            1/24

Konova, Irina – Philosophical Grounds of Quantum Mechanics        5/43

Kovachev, Alexander – Emergence and Development of the Local Literature in Bulgaria            3/44

Lazarova, Penka – Physics on Stage 2 – Challenges and Innovatitive Methods of Education            3/34

Lazarova, Penka – Environment Protection Through the Eyes of Young People  4/50

Lazarova, Penka – Glimpse in the Future of Space Research            6/

Lichev, Valery – On the Morals and the Censorship in Culture and Communication            1/27

Louchev, Detelin – The Catholic Church in Bulgaria – Todays’ Accents            4/61

Luchev, DetelinSome Issues on the Identity of Bulgarian Catholics        5/32

Manev, Ivan – Is There Only One God?            1/44

Marinov, Roussi – The Credit System – A Challenge for Higher Education                     2/25

Marinov, Roussi - Communications in the Virtual-diffusion Societies            5/10

Marinova, Ljudmila – To Shine with your Absence in Time after You are Gone        1/57

Marinova, Ljudmila – An Ecological Project for the NATO Program        6/


Mavrudchiev, Bojidar, Dimitrov, Raio – 110th Anniversary Since the Birth of Acad. Prof. Strashimir Dimitrov            5/54

Miloshev, Gueogui – Academician Gueorgui Krastanov – A Famous Physicist-chemist, Meteorologist and Geophysicist                        4/68

Minchev, Georgui – Social Development and Education in the XXIst Century            2/22

Mishev, Dimitar – Academician Kiril Serafimov and Space Research in Bulgaria                        4/71

Mladenova, Maria – Professor Ivan D. Shishmanov – Patron of Bulgarian Science and Culture 3/54

Mladenova, Maria – The Russian State Library – In its 140 Years            6/

Monov, Alexander – Current Issues of Violence over the Personality and in the Society            3/12

Monov, AlexanderHuman Aspects of the Saving of Jews in Bulgaria            5/51

Naumova, Elissaveta - Human Leucocite Antigens (HLA) and Their Role in Anthropological Research            3/29

Nedev, Todor – Globalization of yhe European Stock Market on the Basis of the “Deutsche Börse“  3/18

Nikolov, Roumen, Ivanov, Ivan, Stefanov, Krassen - Professional Training at "St. Kliment Ohridski" Sofia University with Multimedia and Distance Technologies - Experience Based on Partnership Between Sofia University and Cisco Systems Inc.      5/6

Panev, Baycho – Globalization and Criminality            1/14

Pardanova, Elitza – Meeting of the Students’ Council of the Central European Meridian Universities            1/34

Pernishka, Emilia – Center for Bulgarian Language Studies                        4/74

Pernishka, Emilia – A Jubilee Conference at the Institute of Bulgarian Language – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences            6/

Petkov, Naum, Vassilev, Vassil – 30 Years of Scientists’ Organization in the town of Vratza  6/

Petkova, Denitza, Kostov, Konstanin – The World in Which We Live            4/53

Petrov, Valko – Criteria for Assessment of Professorship Applicants in Bulgaria            1/36

Popitz, Robert – The New Standards for Radiation Protection in Bulgaria            2/28

Popov, Anguel, Nikolov, Roumen – The New Information Technologies in the Educational Process            4/9

Popov, Anguel – With Optimism on High Technologies            6/

Popov, Goran – About Details            4/45

Popov, Goran – On Plagiarism            2/39

Popov, Konstantin – The Deep Meaning of the Concept of Scientist        6/

Pouhalev, Georgy, Danailova, Galina – Donators of the Higher Forest Education University            3/63

Proykova, Ani – “Women in Physics” International Conference            2/34

Proykova, Ani, Joao Omine From the Big Bang to the Water Molecule            5/20

Purvanov, Gueorgui – From “Speech on the Occasion of the 24th of May – Day of the Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture and of the Slavic Alphabet”            4/5

Pushkarov, Dimitar – On Academic Degrees and Ranks Again            2/18

Ranguelov, Boyko – The Professional Moral System of a Scientists               3/68

Ranguelov, Boyko, Lamikina, Galina – Is there Increased Earthquakes’ Activity in Bulgaria since the Beginning of the New Millennium?            4/33

Shishkov, Dimitar – The Bulgarian Health Insurance Needs a Healthy Economical Common Sense            1/41

Shishkov, Dimitar – Health Eurointegration            3/71

Roussanov, Krassimir, Atanassov, Ivan, Kondakova, Violeta, Atanassov, Atanas – DNK Molecular Markers – A Method to Study Plants Genetic Variety            1/8

Stoilov, Georgui, Ivanov, Ivan – Analysis of Multifunctional Telephone Devices Progress                       2/42

Stoyanov-Pissevski, DrozdstoiComparative Analysis of Some Trends in the Modern Neurophiosophy          5/36

Tapkova-Zaimova, Vassilka – The French Catholic Churches and the Bulgarian Cultural Policy            4/59

The Pope John Paul II – Speech Held at the Meeting with Bulgarian Intellectuals on 24th of May, 2002 at the National Palace of Culture            4/3

Todorova, Tanja – Electronic Supply of Documents for the University Library 1/54

Tonchev, Toncho –The International Monetary Fund New Role in Global Economics            4/36

Toshev, Borislav – Science Policy and Ethics – The Example of the “Nobel” Prize Laureates            4/18

Toshev, Borislav – The “Brain Drain” Issue and its Significance for Bulgaria            6/

Troev, Troyo – The “Max Plank” German Center for Science Research            1/20

Tzvetkova, Milena – How the Computer Vindicates the Culture of Reading            3/48

Valchev, Alexander – Leonardo da Vinci and his Research and Technological Heritage            6/

Velichkov, Kiril – The Experience of Ireland in Acquiring the European Union Structural Funds   6/

Velichkova, Tzvetana – Excerpt from the Report on Educational Actitvity of the Minister of Public Education Prof. I. Shishmanov, adresed to Royal Prince Ferdinand. June 2, 1903            3/58

Velichkova, Tzvetana – The Donators for Bulgarian Science. 110 Years from the Creation of the first Donation Academic Fund “Napredak”            3/66

Velichkova, Tzvetana – The Aesthetic and Creative Personality of Prof. Boyan Penev (1882-1927)        5/59

Vitanov, Nikolay – The Power of Science            4/22

Vutzova, Albena – Regional Scientific Cooperation – Basis for Building the European Research Area            1/5

Voutsova, AlbenaSecond Regional Conference of Ministers from South-eastern Europe, Responsible for Science            5/3

Yankova, Ivanka – The Association of University Libraries in Bulgaria – A Bridge to Universities without Frontiers            1/22

Yankova, Ivanka – The Donation Tradition of Bulgarian Scientists to the University Library 3/6

Yankova, Ivanka – Management of the Digitalization Process of the University Libraries’ Information Resources            4/15

Yordanov, Yordan – Anthropological Reconstruction of the Soft Tissues on the Skull     3/24

Zhelezarov, Angel - The Rhetoric            1/60

Zlatanov, Blagovest – Cultural Periodicals in Internet                        1/51


A Letter by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen                        4/77

Academician Rostislav Kaishev (29 February 1908 – 18 November 2002)   6/

Academician Stefan Christov            5/62

Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office Sofia    1/25

Awards of the “Evrika” Foundation            1/48

Awards of the Ministry of Science and Education National “Science Research” Council 1/47

Discussion on the Bill of Academic Degrees and Ranks - Contributions to the Discussion from the Participants: Prof. Venelin Zhivkov, DSc; Acad. Ivan Juhnovski, Prof. Kamen Velev, DSc; Prof. Alexander Popov, DSc, Prof. Bojan Biolchev, DSc; Prof. Angel Popov, DSc; Prof. Vladimir Ovcharov, DSc; Cor. Member Konstantin Kossev; Assoc. Prof. Nikolai Ralev, PhD; Prof. Ivan Chorbadjiiski, DSc; Prof. Nikola Sabotinov, DSc; Prof. Jordanka Kuzmanova, DSc; Prof. Petko Ganchev, DSc; Prof. Dimitar Kamburov, DSc; Prof. Nikolai Genov, DS;, Prof. Naum Jakimov, DSc; Assoc. Prof. Igor Damianov, PhD; Prof. Damian Damianov, DSc   1/3

Governing Board of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria            1/56

Information for the Final Definition of the Thematical Contents of the VIth Frame Programme of EU (2002-2004)   3/40

Interview with the President of USB Prof. Damian Damianov, DSc                        3/3

National Discussion on the Science and Education Budget 2003 - Contributions from Participants at the Discussion – Prof. Damyan Damyanov, MD, DSc; Anastas Gerdjikov, PhD; Assoc. Prof. Igor Damyanov, PhD; Dimitar Tanev; Prof. Ivan Chorbadjiiski, DSc; Assoc. Prof. Zlatan Dimitrov, PhD; BAS Cor. Member Jachko Ivanov; Prof. Vladimir Ovcharov, MD, DSc; Prof. Vladimir Damgov, DSc; Prof. Nikola Sabotinov, DSc; Prof. Ognyan Saparev, DSc; Prof. Angel Galabov, DSc; Assoc. Prof. Liljana Valcheva, PhD; Prof. Alexy Stoykov, PhD; Prof. Atanas Atanassov, DSc; Assoc. Prof. Stanimir Karapetkov, PhD; Assoc. Prof. Neno Pavlov,PhD; Christo Anachkov; Assoc. Prof. Kuncho Ignatov,MD, PhD; Assoc. Prof. Roumen Prancov            6/

New USB Foreign Members            2/48            3/78            6/

Nominations for USB Prize for High Scientific Achievements ‘2002        6/

Prof. Gencho Piriov – Corresponding Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences            1/62

Prof. Leonidas Mavromatis (1940-2002)            3/77

Prof. Petar Kornazhev (1930 –2002)            6/

Res. Assoc. Dr. Maria Ivanova Nikolova – Dipl. Eng.            1/62

Scientists Send Thousands of New Ideas for Scientific Projects to be Funded by the European Community            4/57

Sen. Res. Assoc. D.Sc. Ljuben Blagovestov Dolapchiev        5/61Speech of Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Atanassov, PhD – Minister of Education and Science        6/

Speech of Prof. Damyan Damyanov, MD, DSc – President of the USB     6/

The 90th Anniversary of Prof.  Zhivko Stalev – Honorary Member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria            4/67

The Day of the European Science Foundation Celebrated in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences            4/41

The European Parliament Adopted the Proposals for the Sixth Framework Program Science Research and Technological Development and Approved Specific Amendments            4/56




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