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Contents of “Nauka”  Magazine, year XI, issues 1-6, 2001


Alexandrov, Alexander – Prof. D. Sc. Dimitar Velkov (19.10.1921–02.12.2001) – the Founder of the “Forestry Sciences” Section 6/76

Apostolov, Alexi – Scientific Creativity            5/66

Apostolov, Tihomir  - Nuclear Technologies - Problems and Perspectives            2/35

Atanassov, Nikolai – Phylosophers’ Association in Eastern Europe. Sofia – the Capital of Phylosophy in the Balkans            6/47

Avramov, Lachezar – The “Lazer and Health” Concept            6/30

Bakalov, Gueorgui  – Old Bulgarian Literacy and European Culture 3/4

Balabanov, Nikola – A Non-Standard and Intellectually Gifted Personality            4/48

Boev, Zlatozar – The Ornitologist Stefan Donchev at 70    3/70

Bogdanov, Kiril - The Multifunctional Administration of Forests and the Ecological Society             2/60

Bojadjieva, Klara, Gasharov, Stoyan  – A Geothermal Catalogue of Bulgaria            5/67

Bojinov, Christo  - Environmental Protection in Bulgaria            2/24

Bushev, Michail – Alfred Nobel’s Will and the 100th Anniversary of Nobel’s Prize Innauguration            1/6

Damianov, Damian – Report on the Activities of the USB for the Period October 1998 – October 2001 (Resume)            6/5

Damianov, Damian - The USB and Science and Higher Education Issues   5/3

Damianov, Damian – Wishes to the Bulgarian Scientists            1/5

Denchev, Boyko – Instruments for Encouraging Innovations and Technological Transfer in Small and Medium Size Enterprises            1/28

Dimitrov, Boyan - Mutagenesis and Carcinogenesis from the Environment            2/10

Dimitrov, Dimitar V. – Social Responsibility of Scientists in the New Conditions            4/17

Dimitrov, Ljuben – The Vital Role of the Intellectual and Creative Activities            4/46

Dimitrov, Raio – The Gold – The Golden Chance of Bulgaria            3/52

Dimitrova, Nely – One Year Since the Opening of the Pupils’ Insititute of Mathematics and Informatics            6/59

Dimova, Vassilka – Prof. Ivan Dimov’s Contribution to the Anti-pressure Founding Method            1/40

Dimova-Malinovska, Doriana – Training School for Researchers, PhD Students and Specialists            3/69

Dimtrov, Dimitar – The Minister of Education and Science Message to “Nauka” Magazine            1/4

Djarova, Margarita - Sen. Res. Bojan Cheshmedjiev, D.Sc.- A Renown Representative of the Zootechnical Science            2/85

Enchev, Venelin – Sixth European Conference on “Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics”            4/37

Galabov, Angel, Chouchkova, Miliana – Sen. Res. Assoc. D.Sc. Slavcho Neytcheff (1919–2001)            6/77

Galunov, Todor – The Powers of the Monarch According to the “Tarnovo“ Constitution            3/55

Gasharov, Stoyan - "Kazichane-Ravno Pole" Hydro Thermal Spring - a Source and Accumulator of Heat Energy            2/49

Genov, Nikolai – Science in South Eastern Europe 5/19

Georgieva, Marga – New Information Technologies in Mathematics Education            4/13

Gerguelchev, Valko – Status and Perspectives of the Gold and Silver Resources Development in Bulgaria in the XXIst Century            3/44

Grigorova, Assja – “Maria Curie” Grants in Austria for Central and Eastern European Young Researchers            6/62

Grigorova, Assja – CORDIS Day in tke Bulgarian Academy of Science   5/28

Grigorova, Assja – Information Seminar on the IIIrd Horizontal Subprogram of the V FP of the EC “Improving the Human Potential for Research on the Basis of  Socio-Economic Knowledge in the EC”            3/62

Hadjinikolov, Christo – Foreign Tourism in Bulgaria – A Reliable Income 4/25

Hibaum, Georgi - Black Sea Ecological Issues   2/54

Ilieva, Vesselina, Simeonova, Bijana, Simeonov, Ljubomir - Possibilities for the Application of Ecologically Clean Technologies in the Purification of Soils Polluted by Heavy Metals            2/66

Ivanov, Krassimir, Christov, Christo, Kozarev, Nikolai - Efficiency of a Small Wind Power Station            2/46

Ivanov, Peter, Trifonova, Ljubov - Renewable Energy Resources and their Role in the Energy Balance of the Country            2/39

Ivanova, Tania – The Bulgarian Contribution for the Preparation of the Man Flight to Mars (“SVET” Project)            3/28

Jankova, Ivanka – Vassil Pundev – Personnal and Professional Fortune            6/66

Jordan Radichkov’s Speech upon Receiving the Highest Literature Award of “St. Climent Ohridski” University of Sofia for 2001            6/50

Jordanova, Ljubima – “Germans and Bulgarians in Dialogue” Conference            3/15

Jovchev, Milko  – The “Kozlodui” Nuclear Power Station – an Unfamiliar Retrospection of a Familiar Issue    1/35

Joveva-Dimitrova, Snejana - National Scientific Conference with Foreign Participation “Naiden Gerov in the History of Bulgarian Science and Culture”            1/44

Kakanakov, Roumen – Jores Ivanovich Alfiorov – Physics Nobel Prize Laureate for the Year 2000    1/13

Kandilarov, Boris – The Nobel’s Prizes for Physics – the First and the Last of the XXth Century            1/10

Kolarov, Ivan – More on the Growth of Highly Qualified Personnel            5/62

Kurtev, Kurti – On Chemistry ‘2000 Nobel Prize Laureates and the Priviledge to Work with Sir Jefry Wilkinson            1/16

Lazarova, Penka – "Space – Present and Future of the Planet"  3/64

Lazarova, Penka – The Way of Young People in Physics 4/42

Maneva, Evdokia - There is no Universal Ecologist            2/20

Manolov, Njagol – The Global Crisis and the Civil Society Idea            6/39

Martinov, Nikolai – The Challenges of Academic Accreditation            4/5

Mehandjiev, Atanas – Ecological and Sustainable Agriculture            6/27

Mehandjiev, Atanas - The National Association on Ecological Engineering and Environmental Protection - Aims and Ambitions            2/82

Mihailov, Stojan – On the History of Electrotechnology and Electronics            6/54

Miloslavov, Vassil - Geographically Determined Dependencies in the Value of the Natural Radiation Gama-Background            2/79

Mincheva, Petya – Beyond the Borders of Traditional Teaching   5/52

Mircheva, Violeta – 65 Years of Institutionalized Research Work in the Field of Education            1/47

Mircheva, Violeta – The 70th Anniversary of Prof. Vassil Lalev Metev            6/74

Mishev, Dimitar  – A Noteworthy Anniversary            3/25

Mlachkova-Spasova, Ana – The “April” Rebellion Reflected in the Diplomatic Records of  Leandre De Guay    3/17

Monov, Alexander – Conscience and Unconsciousness Conditions – Philosophical and Medical Aspects            5/56

Monov, Alexander - The Ecology - Challenges and Issues at the Beginning of the XXIst Century            2/5

Nachev, Chudomir – Prof. Alexander Monov – An Inexhaustible Creater 5/54

Naydenov, Nayden - 100th Anniversary of the Bulgarian Chemists` Organization            6/74

Ovcharov, Vladimir – A Noble Shoulder            1/41

Panayotova, Lyubov – The Politicy of the Republic of Bulgaria Government on Modernizing the Intellectual Property System and Stimulating Creativity and Innovation Activities            1/25

Panov, Kiril – 20th Anniversary of the National Astronomical  “Rozhen” Observatory            4/53

Pavlova, Liljana, Bogomirova, Radina – Effectiveness of the Bulgarian Academy of Scientists Science and Research Structure            4/20

Petkov, Dejan – Thoughts on the Study of the Universe            3/67

Petkov, Petko – On the Usefulness of History Today  6/51

Peykovska, Penka  – “The True Story of Cyril and Methodius” as seen by Prof. Peter Kirai            3/9

Pintev, Stoyan – Vassil Drumev. 160 Years Since His Birth and 100 Years Since His Death   6/64

Popov, Konstantin – Is Research Work Valued in Bulgaria?            1/30

Ranguelov, Boyko - Research at the Antarctic            2/16

Rossitza Chobanova – Economical Aspects of Bulgarian Innovation Policy   4/30

Simeonov, Ljubomir  – The Bulgarian Participation in the Space Mass-Spectrometric Tests on the ESA/NASA/ SOHO Satellite            3/33

Simeonov, Petjo - Some Characteristics of the Global Climate and the Weather in 2000    2/72

Sivrieva-Zlatarova, Stefanka – The Regional Development in Bulgaria – An Instrument for EC Integration and the Need for USB to Participate in Regional Projects and Initiatives   5/63

Slavova, Maria - Research in the Environmental Sciences            2/29

Soyanov, Borislav - A National Intellectual Products Market Has Been Founded            2/83

Soyanova, Snejana – The “Mladezh” Project – Open to All Young People   5/46

Staevski, Konstantin – Another View on the Professorship   5/62

Stefanov, Valery – The World of Radichkov            6/49

Stoyanov, Drozdstoi  – Alternatives of the Medical Education            3/60

Stoyanov, Peter  – Speech at the Celebration of the 24th of May - Day of the Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture and of the Bulgarian Literacy            3/3

Stoyanov, Peter – New Year 2001 Greetings            1/3

Stoynov, Zdravko – Bulgaria and the European Research Area   5/23

Tapkova-Zaimova, Vassilka – “Speech of Cyril the Philosopher on How He Converted to Faith the Bulgarians”            3/7

Teoharov, Metodi – 90 Years of Soil Science in Bulgaria            4/55

Tileva, Victoria – The “April” Rebellion in the Austro-Hungarian Press    3/20

Todorov, Georgi – USB-Veliko Tarnovo Branch – A Partner in an European Project 4/36

Todorova, Tania – European Year of Languages 2001    3/11

Todorova, Tanja – Christo G. Danov – A Life Dedicated to the Book            6/70

Toshev, Borislav – Before it Becomes Late. The Liberal Education in Bulgaria            4/8

Toshev, Borislav – The TEMPUS Program in Bulgaria            6/44

Trendafilov, Christo – Totju Totev and the Great Preslav            4/50

Tzekova, Ekaterina – The Museum – A Communication Focus of Science, Art and Education            4/38

Tzibranski, Russian, Popov, Ljubomir - Radiation Monitoring of "Kozlodoui" Nuclear Power Station Environment            2/37

Tzoncheva, Marieta – Basic Trends in Bulgarian Photo Journalism            5/42

Tzvetkov, Plamen – Historical Issues and Balkan Complexes   5/38

Vatzkichev, Ljudmil – Laws of Science – Continuity, Problems and Conflicts            5/29

Velev, Kamen – The Status and Perspectives of Research in the Bulgarian Higher Technical Schools            4/3

Videnov, Michail  – Modern Bulgarian Language Situation and Policy Issues            3/12

Videnov, Michail – The Social Imperative and the Statute of the “Ekane”   5/33

Vutzova, Albena – Science in Bulgaria – Status and Perspectives            6/21

Zodorozhnik, Natalia – Issues of the International Scientific and Technological Cooperation of Independent Ukraine            3/39


Bulgarian Equipment for the International Space Station            3/27

Competition for the USB Research Achievements Awards (Awarded USB-Affiliated Young Researchers)            6/12

Declaration on Young Researchers Career  6/11

Declaration on Solving Science and Higher Education Economical Problems            6/11

Declaration on the Retirement Status of Researchers in Bulgaria            6/11

The European Commission Places Science in the Heart of Society 1/32

"Evrika" Foundation Prizes   1/43

Greeting from the President of the Republic of Bulgaria            6/3

Greeting from the Prime-minister of the Republic of Bulgaria            6/4

Let us Build the Future Today            3/70

members of the commetee on education and science with the 39th  bulgarian parliament            5/65

members of the higher certification commission presidium and committees            1/49

New USB Foreign Members            2/86

“Open Society” Foundation in Support of Education            4/43

Opportunities for the Small and Medium-Size Enterprises in the New EC Sixth Frame Program            4/34

pre-congress questionnaire on science and higher education issues – Acad. Ivan Juhnovski, Prof. Nikolai Pantev, D.Sc., Prof. Kamen Velev, D.Sc., Sen. Res. Assoc. Naum Jakimov, D.Sc., Prof. Ivan Haralampiev, D.Sc., Prof. Angel Popov, D.Sc.   5/7

Science Research National Council Awards Honarary Diplomas to Research teams  1/42

Science, Environment and Sustainable Development            2/3

The Proposals for the New EC Frame Program for Research and Technology Development, Presented by the Eurocommissioner for Research Mr. Philip Busquin            3/41

the republic of bulgaria government program. science and education            6/14

The Signals in the Nervous System 1/21

Up-to-date Information from the Ministry of the Environment and Waters            2/30

What Does the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria Give to its Members            5/60

Young Medics Academic Collegium            6/63

65 Years Since the First Normative Act on Nature Protection in Bulgaria            2/28




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