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Andreeva, Atanaska – The Nobel Prize Laureates in Physics, Chemistry and Physiology or Medicine for 2003 – Manifestations of the Interdisciplinary Approach in Science            4/32

Angelieva, Karina – European Competition for Young Scientists            5/65

Anguelov, Ivan – Economic Aspects of  Innovation Policy in Bulgaria   2/3

Arsenova, Iskra – Young Researchers in Bulgaria Today            6/50

Atanassova, Aneta – Specific Learning Problems – Emotional and Social Aspects   1/40

Azarova, Veronika – Conclusions from the Women in Science Conference            6/

Bakalov, Georgi – Sofia University throughout the Years   1/28

Balabanov, Stefan – Assoc. Prof. Kroum Kolentzov at 75        6/74

Bliznakov, Atanas, Iliewa, Vesselina - Heavy Metals in Bulgarian Soils                   3/42

Borissova, Tsvetanka – Union of Scientists – Rousse Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the USB        5/75

Borissova, Tzvetanka – Scientific Events at the USB – Rousse Branch 6/75

Bozukov, Ivan – Is a Dialogue Possible between Science and Society?   2/68

Bozukov, Ivan – The Religion Paradox in the Civil Globalization of Europe 5/41

Chavdarova-Kostova, Siyka – Opportunities and Obstacles for Young Researchers Growth 6/61

Chobanova, Rossitza – Science and Society – Contemporary Aspects            2/12

Chobanova, Rossitza Industriousness and Social Commitment            6/74

Chorbadzhijski, Ivan – Science and Higher Technical Education – Public Discussion        4/79

Dachev, Tsvetan - Participation of Bulgaria in Studies Carried out by the International Space Station   3/33

Damyanov, Damyan – 2004 – Year of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria   1/3

Damyanov, Damyan – USB and CAISTC – A Perspective Collaboration   1/46

De Wolf, Etienne – The Impact of Science on Society   1/5

De Wolf, Etienne – The Mission of Physics Education in Secondary Schools        2/24

Dermendjieva, Greta - Computer-mediated Communication and New Medi            3/21

Devedjiev, Marin – With Own Contribution to the Science of Management            5/72

Dimitrov, Georgi, Georgieva, Maria – Educational Credits and Raising the Quality of Training in Schools of Higher Education            6/40

Djilizova, Vessela – Attracting Foreign Investments (The Irish Experience   3/44

Djulgerova, Nina – The Union of Scientists in Bulgaria through the Eyes of the Chronicler            6/10

Galabova, Lidia - Organizational and Management Improvement of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises through the “Six Sigma” Approach            5/56

Galabova, Lidia – The Young Researchers Committee at the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria   3/57

Georgiev, Rumen - International Monetary Fund and the Regulation of the Fiscal and Monetary Policy in Bulgaria   1/17

Georgieva, Victoria – Prof. Vassil Anachkov at Eighty   5/71

Georgieva, Victoria – The 75th Anniversary of Prof. Ivan Doushanov   1/62

Grigorova, Assja – The NATO Science Program Changes Direction – New Research Priorities and New Funding Criteria   1/51

Grudev, Dimitar – Information Technologies in Education 2/61

Groudev, Dimitar – Research Initiatives – A Get Together for the European Youth   6/62

Hadjitodorov, Stefan – Centre for National Security and Defence Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – Aims and Tasks   3/11

Ilieva, Pavlina – The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Archeological Heritag 6/24

Issa, Katya – Psycho- and Socio-linguistic Issues in First Name Selection by Mixed Bulgarian-Arab Families            5/49

Ivanov, Sazdo – 50 Years since the First Official TV Wireless Broadcasting             5/53

Ivanova, Anna – Hydrogen as Fuel   3/61

Ivanova, Ekaterina – Second School Science and Technical Conference            4/69

Ivanova, Irina – Recycling of Wastes to Obtain Energy   2/64

Jordanova, Claudia – Scientific Events at Stara Zagora Branch of the Union of Scientists            3/79

Jordanova, Klavdia – USB 60th Anniversary: Scientific Conference with International Participation Stara Zagora 2004        5/78

Jovchev, Boris – Prof. Stoyan Popov celebrates his 90th Anniversary   1/60

Juhnovsky, Ivan - Speech on the Occasion of the 24th of May        4/5

Kapriev, Georgi – The Saint Brothers Cyril and Methodius – According to Tradition        4/12

Kitov, Gueorgi – The Tracian Tombs Speak            6/26

Kochev, Valery, Karabaliev, Miroslav – Wetting Lipid Forms as a Model Membrane System for Sensor Elaboration            4/44

Kolentzov, Kroum Assoc. Prof. Todor Kehlibarov at 70        6/77

Komitska, Nadezhda – Transformations in the Silicate Design   3/50

Kotzeva, Veneta – Women and Science in South-Eastern Europe 6/65

Kouzmanov, Iordanka - Contribution of Higher Education Institutions to Bulgarian Integration into the European Education Area            5/15

Kovachev, Daniel – The “ERASMUS” Programme and Higher Education Quality in Bulgaria   3/55

Kyurkchieva, Diana, Radeva, Vesselka – A Non-traditional Educational Method   2/28

Lazarova, Dima – The Veliko Tarnovo Branch of USB Celebrates Three Jubilee Anniversaries            6/32

Lazarova, Penka – The Participation of the Physics and Mathematics Faculty in the Establishment of the Higher Technical School in Sofia   1/31

Lazarova, Penka – National School-children Conference “Physics in Modern Society”   3/59

Lesnevska, Dimitrina – The Bulgarian Terminology in the Conditions of Globalization            5/47

Mancheva, Anelia – The Phytoncides            4/70

Manov, Vassil – Bulgaria’s Membership in the European Union – Strategies, National Priorities and Challenges   3/3

Manov, Vassil - The European Future of Bulgarian Higher Education        4/16

Marinov, Roussi - Ontology Communication - a New Strategic Approach to the Future            3/26

Marinova, Diana – 10th Anniversary of the Bulgarian Association of Comparative Law   3/73

Marinova, Ljudmila – A Draft for Amendments and Supplements to the Higher Education Law – Looking for the Balance between Centralisation and Autonomy        2/27

Marinova, Ljudmila – International Project on Ecological Investigations of the Plovdiv Region Fields   3/42

Matev, Matthew, Kolev, Tsvetan - Economic Aspects of Research and Development            6/43

Mavroudchiev, Bozhidar – Happy 90th Anniversary, Academician Kostov!   1/59

McSwiny, Barry – The Joint Research Centres – Ways to Partnership   3/14

Miklas, Heinz – The Mission of Cyril and Methodius and the Unification of Europe        4/7

Mitkova, Anelia – Evidence for the presence of the Big Five Model in the Bulgarian Language   2/44

Mitranov, Lozan – Todor Rachinsky – A Re-known Bulgarian Wheat Selectionist   3/71

Mollova, Margarita – Academician Kiril Bratanov – Life Dedicated to Science            4/76

Najdenov, Najden – Prof. Dimitar Klisursky, D.Sc. at the Age of 70   1/63

Neshkov, Todor – Second Regional Conference in Sofia on Education in Engineering Profiles   1/26

Nikolov, Roumen - The Role of Education, Science and Technologies on the Development of the Society        1/22

of Societal Interest   2/12

Panayotova, Svetla – School Children Competition for the Elaboration of Equipment in Physics 4/67

Parvanov, Georgi – Let us Restore the Political Wisdom and Statesmanlike Actions towards Bulgarian Science        4/3

Pavlov, Plamen – Prof. Vassilka Tapkova-Zaimova at Eighty   5/70

Pavlova, Lora – Regional Meeting of the Education and Science Ministers            6/64

Pavlovska, Tzvetana – Vassil Levsky’s Views on the Bulgarian State   2/32

Pernishka, Emilia – A Jubilee Session of the USB “Philological Sciences” Section             5/44

Petrov, Alexander – Soft Matter Physics 4/40

Petrova, Galina, Venelinov, Toni, Alexandrov, Christian – Research Session on Chemistry for Regular and PhD Students 2004    5/63

Popivanov, Peter –Jubilee Session of USB “Mathematics” Section 3/77

Popov, Georgi – USB Rousse Branch Scientific Activities            1/69

Popov, Goran – On Nihilism            6/56

Popov, Goran – Outlines of the Artist Personality   1/37

Popov, Konstantin – Test on Reviewing 3/69

Poppetrov, Nikolay – The Early History of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria            6/14

Prodanov, Vassil - Bioethical Studies in Bulgaria   1/13

Pushkarova, Iva – Education as a Sign of Inequality            4/66

Simeonova, Margarita – The “Naredata” as an Ideological and Program Document  2/36

Slavchev, Atanas – For a Better Healthcare            6/80

Sretenova, Nikolina –About Some Bulgarian and American Archive Documents Highlighting G. Maneff’s Academic Career  4/58

Sretenova, Nikolina - The European Policy of Mainstreaming Gender Equality: Women and Science in Bulgaria         5/32

Stanoulov, Nikolay, Petrov, Petar – On Cybernetcis – Almost an Ode     6/28

Stoyanov, Krassimir – The Bulgarian Language Potential at the Big European Language Meeting            5/45

Tepavicharova, Stefka, Rabadjieva, Diana – Prof. Balarev, DSc at 70        6/75

Todorov, Georgi – International Research and Applied Conference “Internet – Education – Science”            5/78

Todorova, Margarita, Todorov, Georgi – European Programs and Òheir Implementation in the Field of High Education            6/32

Toshev, Borislav – Ranking of the World Universities: Lessons for the Bulgarian Higher Education        2/18

Toshev, Borislav - Academic Journals and their Impact Factor  5/28

Trendafilova, Ekaterina, Lozanova, Tsvetanka – Anniversary Meeting of USB “Juridical Section“            3/78

Tsarnorechki, Ognyan - Miliana Kaisheva – A Talented Researcher and Pedagogue   4/78

Tzvetanova, Branimira – The Role of the European Commission in Formulating and Implementing the European Competition Policy   2/47

Tzvetkov, Milcho – Prof. Georgi Maneff and “Maneff’s Field  4/57

Tzvetkov, Plamen – Stefan Stambolov and the Destiny of Bulgaria   2/39

Vassilev, Georgi – Who is Who for Bulgarian Researchers Abroad   1/49

Vassilev, Nikolay – The Global Humanity   1/9

Velichkova, Tzvetana – Stefan Stambolov’s Documentary Heritage in the Scientific Archives of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences   2/41

Vitanov, Nikolay – Thoughts on Science in Germany, France and Bulgaria   3/63

Vladimirov, Valentin – COST Activity for Assessment of Environment Caring Productions            6/73

Vodenicharov, Alexander, Chingova, Raika – Application of Physical Methods in the Criminal and Civil Actions            4/51

Vodenicharova, Maria – Association of “Candidates for Doctor’s Degree” in Bulgaria   2/66

Yotov, Branko – The Literary Creations of Bulgarians Settled in the Western Borders   2/55

Zhivkov, Venelin – Interaction of Universities and Business            4/26 

Academician Georgi Bliznakov            6/78

Awards at the Sofia Medical Faculty   2/70

Bulgaria Negotiations with the European Union: Science and Research            5/11

Celebration dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria and the Day of the Bulgarian National Revival Leaders and Scientists            6/4

Distinctions of “Evrika” Foundation   1/34

FAQs on the Joint Research Centres Expansion Initiative     3/19

Greetings by Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridsky” Rector – Prof. Boyan Biolchev, DSc, Dedicated to the 120th Anniversary of Prof. Georgi Maneff 4/56

Greetings from the Ministry of Education and Science            6/23

Humboldt Award for a Bulgarian Physicist   3/72

Information Day of the “Joint Research Centres” General Directorate of the European Commission   3/13

Members of the Higher Accreditation Commission Research Subcommittees   1/65

NATO Science Committee Approved Measures to Increase the Effectiveness of “Security through Science” Program            6/71

Netd@ys Europe 2004 – “Dialogue Between Cultures”            5/68

Newly Elected Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Academicians and Corresponding Members            5/73

Prof. D.Sc. Emanouil Palamarev    2/72

Prof. Naiden Monchev, D.Sc. (01.08.1939 – 08.06.2004)   3/75

Science and Technology: the Key to the Future of Europe - Guidelines for Future European Union Policy to Support Research            5/3

Speech of Academician Ivan Juhnovsky – President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences            6/21

Speech of Prof. Damyan Damyanov, MD, DSc – President of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria            6/

The Accreditation Council of the NEAA at the Council of Ministers            6/6

The European Commission Opens a Debate for the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development            6/69

The Ministry of Science and Education Awards for Scientific Contributions   1/53

The Minutes of the Bilateral Meeting   1/48

The National Science Fund Eight Competition Session Awards for Best Research Projects   1/54

The President’s “John Atanassov” Annual Prize for Achievements in Information Society Development   1/57

USB Competition for 2004 Research Achievements            6/19




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