The borders of polypragmasia: geriatry or quality of health care

Darina Mineva


The demographic tendency to increasing of elderly population all over the world and consumption of the health care resources, bring polypharmacy and geriatry together. This presume the investigation of problem of polypharmacy into the context of geriatry and find out the causal relationship with medical mistakes, the medical history underestimation, the wrong choice and drug dose, evidence - based medicine and quality management of health care. The problem of polypharmacy/polytherapy is investigated about its importance for individual and society in conjunction with adverse drug reactions (ADRs). The framework of ADRs is presented. The economic effect of polypharmacy/polytherapy, the world experiences are commented.


Key words: Adverse drug reactions (ADRs), ill burden, HELP (The Hospital Elder Life Program), polypharmacy, polytherapy, polypragmasia, quality of health care, evidence - based medicine