The World Movement "Education for All" and the Educational Programmes of UNESCO 
Stanislava Nishkova, Violeta Mircheva


The article engages some of the crutial aspects in the development of the "Education for all" movement during the last century and its evolution into an international endeavor: the F irst W orld C onference in Djomtien (Thailand, 1990), at which a declaration for "Education for all" is signed and t he W orld F orum at Dakar (Senegal, 2000) where a review of the movement's achievements in the 10 years after the Djomtien conference is conducted and an outlines for the message and the six main goals in "the Dakar frame" are drawn. Both conferences are joint ventures of UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA and t he World Bank.

The article underlines the leading role of UNESCO in the coordination of activities in relation to "Education for all". It examines the main priorities in the educational programs of the organization: the M edium T erm S trategy for UNESCO activities in the period 2008/2013 and the priorities and budget of UNESCO for 2008 - 2009 with respect to the goals of "Education for all".

Another key element of the article is the mention of the active participation of Bulgaria in UNESCO's educational activities. The article also underlines the possibilities for putting forward projects of national and regional interest, under the so called UNESCO participation program.