HOMO OBESUS: Mаn the Obese

George N. Chaldakov and Anton B. Tonchev



            “Not life itself, but living ill is an evil.” – the philosopher Diogenes used to say; it is now the present paper’s motto.  In last 50-60 years, people on our globe have been living in an obesigenic environment. In effect, obesity and associated cardiometabolic, life-style-related diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and the metabolic syndrome via myocardial infarctions and strokes became the world’s biggest killers of annually about 17.5 million people. Globally, about 1 billion people are overweight or obese. In Europe, 400 million adults are overweight and additional 130 million obese, and, warningly, 20% of kids are overweight or obese, also in the USA. We thus witness an eurodemia and a pandemia of obesity which exerts a very negative impact on human and society life, economics and demography at national and global level. Unfortunately, Bulgaria is in the epicenter of such an obesity-induced healthquake. Analyzing obesity in a multicentric way, in this paper we for the first time defining man as Homo obesus. He or she may, like Diogenes, say  “I am a citizen of the world.” Further, we discuss the importance of “We must act now” (to cite Bill Clinton) to at long last escape from our health and demographic crisis. In this respect, Clinton Global Initiative’s annual conferences and the World Heart Day-2006 are described. Accordingly, we advice the reader that we must press our Parliament, Prime-minister and President (the Bulgarian 3P) to invest much more financial and organizational support to our health, education and science. An English version of the present paper entitled  “State-of-the-heart: Homo obesus and human heart health” may be found in the World Heart Day’s web-site  (www.worldheart.org).