The Entropy Principle and SETI: The Advent of Intelligent Species and Technological Civilizations as
Consequence of the Second Law of Thermodynamics in Biological Evolution

Vladimir Bozhilov

If life on Earth is not barely a coincidence in evolution, shouldn’t the cosmos be full of life, literally crowded with other technological civilizations? Yet, even though life should be common in the universe, there seems to be no indication of other (intelligent) life in space, as states the famous Fermi’s paradox. The reason for that may well lie in the principle of entropy increase.

In this work, we argue that the law of increasing entropy could prove to be fundamental for the development of intelligent life and the advent of a technological civilization. We present recent results from numerical simulations and combine a modern approach to evolutionary biology with Monte Carlo Realization techniques. As a result, we observe and discuss some clarifying aspects on the emergence of intelligent species in the framework of contemporary astrobiology.