We Need a Project-based Organization and Funding of Applied Research

Ivan Angelov



Science in Bulgaria is officially declared by the authorities, but it is not a genuine priority. R&D priorities should be defined on the basis of national priorities for economic and social development, jointly with the scientific and business communities. Some of the potential national priorities are identified. The establishment of a Bank for economic development is recommended. This bank, along with venture funds should provide soft lawns for R&D for high technology and risk projects and their implementation. The establishment of a large Public fund for R&D financing is also recommended, as well as the basic principles of its operation. The same is done for the proposed project based R&D teams. The benefits of the development of a scientific occiput for the economy and the society are listed, particularly within the context of the forthcoming specialization of small and medium Bulgarian firms as subcontractors for production and procurement of components for leading European companies.


Key wards: project based organization; project based financing; national and scientific priorities; Bank for economic development; Public fund for R&D financing; project based R&D teams; performance based remuneration; scientific output of the economy.