Last updated: 01.10.2005.

The Role of Education, Science and Technologies

on the Development of the Society

Roumen Nikolov



This paper describes the author’s vision for the role of the new technologies, education and science, based on some emerging models and lessons learnt by the Department of Information Technologies, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University and its large network of Bulgarian and international partners. This vision implies that Sofia University should be not only the educational and scientific centre of the country, but also to become a national and regional innovation and high technology centre which provides a working model of ‘university-industry-government cooperation’. Sofia University, as the national leader in higher education, should play a crucial role in providing better high-technology and e-skills oriented education and training, targeting the needs of the industry and society. The level of entrepreneurship and understanding of the commercial value of knowledge are considered to be the key factor for adapting a university to the requirements of Knowledge Economy. Development of the Bulgarian e-Learning industry could be considered as one of the strategic direction of the country. This industry could be considered a ‘meta-industry’ since it could positively influence all other industry sectors. It could become the Bulgaria’s most important asset on its way to the Information Society and Knowledge Economy. However this industry, as any other for that matter, needs investments. It could be expected that such investments would radically change the “knowledge sector” of the industry which should be built around the real knowledge producers – universities and research institutions.






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