Last updated: 01.10.2005.


Danail Dachev


The article considers topical issues, discussed in relation to the widespread problem areas of globalisation and sustainable development. Thå author divides the paper into several thematic parts.

The introduction makes a general review of and criticises the phrasing “sustainable development”. Examples of “clientelism” are supplied, as practised by scientists orbiting around several Ministries,  facilitated by shortcomings in the legal and regulatory framework.

In the closing parts of the publication the author presents the results of his aerospace photo deciphering (made 30 years ago), which today support the search for oil and gas in the shelf and in southern Bulgaria.

As a final part some conclusions are drawn and some recommendations,  the most important being the formulation of the term “sustaiinable development” on a local scale; this is a balanced approach in estimating the interaction between the ecodynamics of the environment with the technosphere, economy and society in a given region, country or district.




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