Dimitrov, Boyan - Achievements of Genomics Contribution to the Advancement of Medicine 1/3

Golovinski, Evgeni More on Academic Degrees and Ranks in Bulgaria 1/9

Kekule, Alexander Humboldt or Nobel? 1/17

Hodge, Russ - What Europeans Really Think (and Know) about Science and Technology 1/19

Sjoberg, Svein, Schreiner, Camilla - How do Students Perceive Science and Technology? 1/24

Atanasov, Atanas - Bulgarian Views on the Funding of Science and Research 1/29

Nedelcheva, Tanja - The Future of Bulgarian Science and Scientific Investigation 1/35

Ilchev, Ivan With Piety on St. Kliment Ohridski Deed 1/42

Ilieva, Pavlina Bulgarian Archeology 2007 1/42

Kitov, Georgi The Valley of the Thracian Kings Extends Eastwards 1/49

Lazarova, Penka Laureates of Evrika Foundation 2007 Annual Awards 1/57

Lazarova, Penka - Evrika Foundation 2007/2008 Grants 1/60

Surchev, Nikolai The Young Physician of Tomorrow 1/62

Doneva, Daniela The Young Specialist of the Future 1/63

Naidenov, Naiden The Shimadzu 2007 Award of the Union of Chemists in Bulgaria 1/66

Kotseva, Veneta - T h ree Hundredth Anniversary of the Great Scientist Leonard Euler (170717 8 3) 1/66

Enchev, Venelin International Recognition for the Bulgarian Chemist Prof. Konstantin Hadjiivanov, DSc 1/69

Ivanov, Jachko Double Anniversary 1/71

Dimitrov, Lyuben Prof. Lyuben Dessev the Anniversary of Creative Maturity 1/72

Velev, Vassil About the Professor, Corresponding Member of BAS, Ivan Popov 1/74

Angelov, Ivan - We Need a Project-based Organization and Funding of Applied Research 2/3

Gerdjikov, Atanas Trends for Development of the National Science Fund in 2008 2/14

Arsenova, Iskra - Communicative Characteristics of journal NAUKA (SCIENCE) 2/18

Chobanova, Rossitsa - Development of Knowledge-based Economy in Bulgaria 2/23

Chobanov, George Collaboration between Higher Education and Business 2/30

Dobreva, Vanja Greeting Speech 2/34

Georgiev, Viden, Popov, Alexander Scientific Ranks as a Product of the Development of Scientific Knowledge and the Necessity to Change their Classification in the System of the Higher Attestation Commission 2/35

Toshev, Borislav The Modern Educational Science and its Place in the Bulgarian Classification of Science Branches and Subjects 2/38

Feely, Richard, Sabine, Christopher, Fabry, Victoria Carbon Dioxide and the Future of Our Ocean 2/42

Ilchev, Ivan On the Liberation of Bulgaria 2/46

Vaptzarova, Gabriela, Ilieva, Darina The Liberation of Bulgaria War ( 18771878 ) and the Start of the Bulgarian State System 2/48

Nanev, Hristo Academician Rostislav Kais hev the Scientist and the Teacher 2/50

Kaishev, Rostislav Word on the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 2/52

Gurova, Rossitza, Kirjakova, Nadezhda Nuclear Physics and Environment 2/54

Naidenov, Naiden Prof. Ivan Shopov 2008 Prize for Outstanding Young Researcher in the Field of Polymers 2/59

Kitanova, Stefka Success How Young People See It 2/59

Nishkova, Stanislava, Mircheva , Violeta The World Movement "Education for All" and the Educational Programmes of UNESCO 2/63 

Popov, Goran On Research Works 2/66


Videnov, Michail Aggression of Street Language 3/3

Lazarova, Penka National Strategy for Development of Research the Bulgarian Answer to Modern World Challenges 3/7

Hadjiivanov, Konstantin - QUO VADIS, SCIENTIA 3/ 10

Angelov, Simeon Subsidiarity, Regional Solidarity and Regional Collaboration: Towards a Lisbon Strategy for Southeastern Europe 3/ 16

Stanishev, Sergei Introductory Speech 3/ 23

Valchev, Daniel The System for Attributing Scientific Degrees and Titles An Important Accent in Higher Education and Science Development Policy 3/ 24

Zhivkov, Venelin Differentiation and Integration of Technical Sciences and Codes for Research Disciplines 3/27

Drazhev, Marii On the Nature and Significance of Interdisciplinary Interactions 3/29

Vitanov, Nikolai - Differentiation and Integration of Scientific Knowledge of the Border Region between Natural and Social Sciences: New Research Disciplines 3/3 3

Issa, Katja Linguistic Conference on Problems of Bulgarian Language 3/37

Pernishka, Emilia Destructive and Healthy Effects on Language 3/38

Stoyanov, Krassimir Written Street Language and Modern Mass Communications 3/42

Balabanov, Nikola Nuclear Physics and Medicine 3/47

Lazarova, Erika Vera Mutafchieva Investigator of the Kin Memory 3/52

Damyanov, Damyan, Todorov, Todor First National Conference Journey to Bulgaria . Travel in Medieval Bulgaria and Modern Tourism 3/56

Slavov, Ivailo Dark Matters ! 3/59

Varbanova, Valentina - Archaeological Heritage of Sofia and the Urbanized City Ambience 3/65

Andonov, Stanimir - Overview of the Methods Used for Mapping Customer Perceptions and Preferences 3/67

Shevchuk, Valentina, Konova , Rossitza Bulgarian Participation at the XVII International Exhibition of School Pupils Projects 3/73

Enikov, Radoslav 100 th Anniversary of Academician Emil Stefanov Djakov 3/75

Drazhev, Marii Academician Emil Djakov and the First Steps of Bulgarian Electronics 3/78

Arsenova, Iskra I Was Born Under a Happy Star ( 90 th Anniversary of Prof. Elena Savova ) 3/80

Peev, Ilia Prof. Svetlana Dimitrova, D.Sc. at 75 3/81


Burlieva, Slavia Ciril and Methodius Tradition The Bulgarian Phenomenon and its European Parallels 4/3

Chobanov, George Knowledge-Based Economy 4/7

Marinov, Edward The 2007 Nobel Prize for Economics: Theory of Economical Mechanisms 4/13

Popov, Alexander , Tzvetkov , Tzveti Hydrogen The New Fuel 4/19

Toneva, Atanaska Electric Energy from the W ind 4/28

Benev, Andrei Biomass Energy 4/32

Gerova, Daniela, Chervenkov , Trifon, Galunska , Bistra Reactive Oxygen Species Double-Faced Yanus in Living Organisms 4/38

Sretenova, Nikolina - Eument - net Project: Building a European Network of Mentoring Programmes for Women in Academia and Research 4/45

Sretenova, Nikolina Profiles of National Policies of Austria , Germany , Switzerland and Bulgaria and Academic Mentoring Programmes 4/47

Melmed, Katia Gothic Fortresses near Sadovetz, Pleven D istrict 4/51

Vulchev, Bojan A Great Stride Forward for the Bulgarian Philological Thought (150 Years of the Publication of Basis of Bulgarian Grammar by Joahim Gruev) 4/55


Bakracheva, Margarita , Vasseva , Julia Social Changes and Crisis Trends in National and Cultural Identities 4/59

Radeva, Vesselka NASA Highly Evaluates a Bulgarian School Project 4/63

Klissurski, Dimitar Citations and Results 4/69

Kolev, Bogomil BAS Corresponding Member Ivan Dimov Outstanding Researcher and Engineer 4/71

Karastoyanov, Alexander 100 th Anniversary of Prof. Georgi Danov , Eng. 4/72

Chankova, Stefka , Chipev , Nesho , Gateva , Svetla 2008 Ecology Seminar 4/75

Gindeva, Raina Awarded USB members in Pleven Branch on the Occasion of the 24th of May 4/76

Prodanov, Vassil Bulgarian Science and the Transition 5/3

Peev, Todor The Mossbauer Effect: 50 Years after the Discovery 5/9

Litov, Leander The Large Hadron Collider Expectations and Reality 5/16

Angelov, Simeon Collaboration and Interaction with UNESCO in the Field of Science and Culture 5/22

Lazarova, Penka European Researchers' Nights 2008 5/ 24

Kozhuharova, Galya, Todorova , Vera The European Researchers' Nights 2008 in Stara Zagora 5/28

Zidarova, Bogdana Scientific Discoveries Made in Bulgaria 5/30

Naidenov, Naiden High Distinction for Bulgarian Scientists 5/38

Markov, Georgi 100 th Anniversary of the Proclamation and Recognition of Bulgarias Independence 5/40

Sretenova, Nikolina, Obreshkov , Nikolai, Ambareva , Christina, Angelova , Dorotea What Do Young Women Scientists Expect from the Introduction of the Academic Tutorship Programme in Bulgaria ? 5/43

Sretenova, Nikolina, Dermendjieva , Bogdana Specific Gender Issues for Young Women Scientists 5/47

Marinov, Roussi Interactive Communication and Knowledge Management Challenges and Problems 5/53

Koicheva, Elena Situated Models for Dissemination of Information Literacy 5/57

Staikov, Mario The Role of Graphic Design in the Aesthetic and Communicative Essence of Advertisement 5/65

Sendova, Evgenia Why Should Talents (in Science Inclusive) be Molded While Still Young? 5/67

Kadmonova, Boriana, Tzankov , Grigor New Knowledge - New Opportunities 5/70

Djurov, Pavel Why Do Young People Avoid the Scientific Career or On the Discrimination in Science 5/76

Kossev, Konstantin Professor Marin Drinov Creator of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 5/78

Platikanova, Vesselina Academician Jordan Malinovskis 85 th Birthday Anniversary 5/80

Vatev, Ilia Academician Radoi Popivanov at 95 5/82

Kitanova, Stefka Science in the Conditions of Globalization 5/85

Dobreva, Vanja Greeting Speech to Bulgarian Scientists 6/

Ivanova, Elena, Michailov, Michail Gerhard Ertl an Expected Nobel Prize Winner 6/

Parvanov, Georgi Higher Education and University Science 6/

Bontchev, Panayot, Zhivkov, Venelin, Popov, Angel Thesis on Science and Higher Education 6/

Lazarova, Penka Discussion Forum on Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Reforms and their Outcome 6/

Ilchev, Ivan Ceremonial Speech on the Occasion of the 120 th Anniversary of Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski 6/

Angelova, Anna - 120 Years Since the Foundation of the University Library St. Kliment Ohridski 6/

Todorova, Tzveta The Jubilees of Alma Mater 6/

Dachev, Tsvetan, Tomov, Borislav, Matviichuk, Juriy, Dimitrov, Plamen Two New Bulgarian Devices Launched in Space 6/

Chobanov, George Is it difficult to be an Economist? 6/

Galunov, Todor Parliamentary Election and Violations in 1923 6/

Pushkarov, Dimitar On Science and Flowers 6/

Bozhkova, Magda, Peneva, Elissaveta Freeze-Overs along the Bulgarian Black Sea Aquatoria in the XX Century 6/

Jusufova, Nevin Biomass Alternative Energy Source 6/

Kitanova, Stefka Science - Way of Life 6/

Rangelov, Boyko The Earthquake of 15 November 2008 6/

Russev, George Academician Roumen Tzanev the Researcher and the Man 6/

Danailov, Georgi - Academician Roumen Tzanevs Literary Works 6/

Lozanov, Chavdar - 110 Years Since the Foundation of the Physics and Mathematics Society in Bulgaria 6/

Goranova, Maria 120 th Anniversary of Prof . Dr . Stoyan Brashovanov 6/

Slavchev, Atanas 10 th National Conference on Biomedical Physics and Engineering 6/


Prof. Nikolai Pashov (1929-2008) 6/

Assoc. Prof . Dr. Ljuben Christov Zheglov (1937-2008) 6/

120 Years Sofia University - 120 Years of Higher Education in Bulgaria 6/

Sofia University Past, Present and Future 6/

2008 Award for Science and Research Activities St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University 6/

Statement of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria on the National Strategy for the Development of Science Research (2008 2018) Draft 6/

2008 Competition for Doctoral Students Scientific Achievements Launched Jointly by Higher Attestation Committee, Union of Scientists in Bulgaria and Federation of Science and Technical Societies 6/

2008 USB Competition for Scientific Achievements 6/

Debate on University Research 5/74

The Ministry of Education and Science Supports the Youngest Researchers and their Ideas 5/63

Nauka Journal Meets its Readers in Stara Zagora 4/77

Professor Nikifor Kashoukeev ( 24 October 1917 19 March 2008 ) 3/82

Prof . Georgi Poukhalev, D.Sc. , Eng. (1935 - 2008) 3/83

Declaration of the Platform of the Presidents of Central and Eastern European National Academies of Sciences 3/19

Discussion on the Normative Basis of Scientific Degrees and Titles 3/ 21

Ministry of Education and Science 2007 Awards For Particular Contribution to Science 2/75

Professor Zhivko Stalev (1912-2008) 2/78

Professor Rasho Rashev , DSc (1943-2008) 2/79

European Science Awards 2007 2/62

National Conference on the Organization of Science Branches 2/32

Introductory Speech by Academician Ivan Juhnovski - President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 2/32

The Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine 2007 2/11

The CEEPUS Programme from Academic Exchange to Science Research 2/16

Deyan Ivanov Deyanov, PhD, Engineer (17 April 1925 12 December 2007) 1/77

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2007 1/12

Information on Science Research in Germany 1/18

Mini Nobel Laureates 2007 1/64

A Bulgarian Researcher Elected as Member of the Russian Natural Sciences Academy 1/70