Angelska, Slaveya Sound and Psyche 1/60

Angelska, Slaveya Possibilities for People with Hearing Loss to Perceive Sounds 5/40

Anguelov, Simeon, Yakimoff, Naum - Scientific Knowledge, its Use in the Economy, and the New Instruments in the European Research Area 2/17

Antonova, Albena - Models of Knowledge Management System for Research Organizations 3/48

Apostolova, Diana Psychological Consultations and Social Integration of Disabled 4/33

Arsenova, Iskra The Union of Scientists in Bulgaria and the Formation of the Academic Civil Society 4/3

Arsenova, Iskra Academician Ivan Juchnovski Life Dedicated to Science 5/59

Bakardjieva, Nina, Chankova, Stefka Seminar Evolution and Ecology III 3/79

Bakardjieva, Nina Prof. Kiril Popov - An Outstanding Bulgarian Plant Biologist and Physiologist 6/60

Balabanov, Nikola Fear and Knowledge, Radiophobia and Culture 3/65

Baldjiev, Georgi The Apomyxis in Plants or How Plants Avoid Sterility 3/41

Barroso, José Manuel Greetings on the Occasion of Bulgaria Accession to the European Union 1/3

Boyanov, Borislav Speech in Support of Education and Science 3/29

Bozukov, Ivan Consciousness for Disability or Disabled Consciousness 4/28

Chaldakov, George, Tonchev, Anton - HOMO OBESUS: Mn the Obese 2/64

Chengelova, Emilia - Contribution of Bulgarian Science to the Development of Society as Reflected in the Public Opinion 6/32

Chengelova, Emilia Ivan Hadjiiski - A Devoted and Original Investigator of the Bulgarian Spirit 6/59

Chipev, Konstantin - Chance and Direction in Evolution 2/28

Chipev, Konstantin The Pope Benedict XVI Faith and Intelligence 3/75

Connerade, Jean-Patrick Building the Knowledge-base for Europe 3/45

Damyanov, Damyan Europeization and Modernization of Science and Education Architecture and Management in Bulgaria 6/7

Dimitrov, Ivaylo The View-Point of a Young Phylosopher on the Brain Drain Phenomenon 1/37

Dimitrov, Ljuben Speech for the Master - Prof. Naiden Chakarov 6/71

Djulgerova, Nina The 1877-1878 Russia-Turkey War The Russian Plans and Projects 2/36

Djulgerova, Nina The Caucasus in the Context of EU and Russia Black Sea Priorities 5/33

Doynov, Petar The Miracles of Science in the Baikal Village 5/13

Dutzov, Chavdar Asteroids with Bulgarian Names 2/57

Enchev, Venelin The Nobel Prize Laureates in Chemistry 2/6

Galabova, Lidia In Search of Solution to the Brain Drain Phenomena 1/40

Galabova, Lidia, Slavov, Ivailo WONDERS 2007 Festival 5/11

Galabova, Lidia Status of Science in Bulgaria Perspectives for Young Bulgarian Researchers Development 6/11

Ganchev, Ivan Prof. Emmanuil Ivanov Life and Deed 4/65

Gergova, Ani - The Sunday Book of Sofronii Vrachanski 1/49

Getova, Antoaneta Trends in Job Announcements 3/53

Gocheva, Vessela, Dacheva, Iliana Communication with Society for Efficient Ecological Experts Reports 4/44

Gourova, Elissaveta, Antonova, Albena - Image of Researchers in Bulgaria between Enthusiasm and Reality 6/23

Gueorgiev, Roumen - Security of Organization and Effectiveness of Decisions 3/31

Hristov, Ljuben - Cultural Geography: Object, Goals and Tasks 1/53

Huntov, Vladimir - The Three Revolutions of Prince Boris I and the European Integration of Bulgaria 5/30

Ilieva, Pavlina The Archeological Treasures of Bulgaria in the Exhibition Ancient Civilizations. The Thracian Gold 4/58

Ilieva, Vesselina, Kotseva, Silvia - Influence of the Ozone Layer in the Atmosphere 4/39

Ilieva, Vesselina For a Pure and Correct Bulgarian Language in the Natural Sciences 6/50

Ivanov, Dimitar In Memory of Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) 5/59

Ivanova, Klementina In Service of Oration (Centennial Anniversary of Akad. D. S. Lihachovs Birthday) 1/64

Ivanova, Natasha Secondary School Students Have the Say 6/55

Jordanova, Klavdia International Scientific Conference of the Union of Scientists Stara Zagora 4/77

Jovchev, Boris TELECOM 2007 National Conference with Foreign Participation 6/73

Juhnovsky, Ivan The Assessment of Science 1/9

Juhnovski, Ivan Speech on the Occasion of the 24th of May 4/10

Kacheva-Okoliiska, Dimitrina Prof. Boris Petrov Eftimov, DSc at 95! 6/70

Kaishev, Rostisalv The Master 2/46

Kalinik, Vratza Metropolitan The Eternal Saint Sofronii Chronicle 1/48

Kancheva, Pavlina The Language of Medical Manuals for Students 6/51

Kararadeva, Svetozara Prenomit Technologies the Bulgarian Contribution to Impressive-Looking Yarn 5/36

Kitanova, Stefka The International Olympiad in Biology Hard Work and a Stroke of Luck 6/54

Klissursky, Dimitar World Science in Numbers 1/12

Koltcheva, Nadia, Encheva, Marina, Koleva, Fanny Networking as a Tool for Integration of Young Bulgarian Scientific Community in Europe 1/42

Konova, Rossitza, Shevchuk, Valentina Acknowledgement of Bulgaria at an International Science Festival in Grenoble 4/23

Kossev, Konstantin National Commemoration of the 200th Anniversary of the Bulgarian Printed Book 1/47

Kostova, Ljubov Looking for the New Image of Science 3/36

Kostova, Lyubov Science at the Theatre, in Debates or the Cafeteria See the Beauty of Science everywhere around 5/8

Lafchiev, Christo Budget, Education and Science in the Country 6/53

Lazarova, Penka - Discover Young Talents Mission of the Evrika Foundation 1/56

Lazarova, Penka Researchers Night 2007 5/14

Manolov, Njagol Speculations with Science 2/68

Marinov, Janko Orthodox Music: Heavenly Music, musica divina Music Immortalized in a Book 4/16

Marinova, Ljudmila The Chair of Clinical Laboratory at the Sofia Medical Faculty 5/64

Melamed, Katja Exhibited for the First Time Treasures of the National Archeological Museum 4/59

Melamed, Katya The Goths Silver Bible at the National Archeological Museum 6/77

Mihran, Berdjuhi Formation and Development of Human Beings in the Light of Psychodynamic Processes 3/62

Minkova, Velichka Rhythm and Rhythmic Compositions in Child Art 5/41

Mircheva, Violeta Senior Research Associate, PhD Stanjo Stanev at 70 1/68

Mironova, Roumjana The Telescope and the Microscope or the Human Peer Outwards and Inwards 1/68

Momchilova, Emilia Ivan Vasov A Worthy Member of the European Cultural Society 1/63

Momchilova, Emilia Five Great Composers Glorifying St. St Cyril and Methodius 4/19

Naidenov, Naiden A Prestigious Award for a Bulgarian Researcher 2/74

Nikolchev, Diljan In Memory of Prof. Nikolay Nikanorovich Glubokovski (1863-1937) 3/76

Nikolov, Manasi, Dobrev, Nikolay Health, Socio-psychological and Labor Legislation Issues for Women with Cancer of the Mammal Gland 2/53

Nikolov, Todor Academician Ekim Bontchev A Reknown Bulgarian Geologist 3/69

Ognenska, Nikolina First Balkan Conference Science, Education and Art in the ղ Century 4/78

Pavlov, Dechko - The World Scientific Market and Bulgarian Scientists 6/17

Petkova, Polina Space Enigma 1/61

Poppetrov, Nikolay - Michail Guenovsky: Research Priorities till 1944 2/61

Popetrov, Nikolai - Grey Zones in Science: Paradox or Irreversible Status 4/61

Roussev, Rostislav - Characteristics of the Product from the Human Perception Aspect 2/55

Saraeva, Radoslava, Kamenarska, Zornitza Pharmacogenetics New Trends in Modern Treatment 3/39

Savov, Nikolai Little Known Facts about a Major of Sofia 4/68

Schiller, Friedrich The Ode of Joy 1/3

Seykova, Svetlana Conceptual Change: a Tool for Seeking New Ideas in Research 5/52

Seykova, Svetlana - Bulgarians Notions, Attitudes and Evaluations Regarding the Importance and Role of Science and Scientific Research in Bulgaria 6/28

Shenev, Simeon Specialized Support for the SMEs in Innovation and Research 2/21

Shopov, Ventzeslav The Impact of the European Research Area on the Brain Drain Issue in the Balkan Countries 1/31

Simeonova, Kostadinka The Assessment of Academic Science 1/14

Slavova, Angela, Popivanov, Peter The Abel Prize and the Fields Medalists for 2006 2/14

Smrikarov, Angel Concept for the Setting up of National Network of Virtual Libraries 6/74

Soskov, Ivan The Path to Reality 6/40

Sretenova, Nikolina Practical Advice for FP7 Projects Preparation 3/15

Staykova, Tzvetana Academician Nikola Mikhov A Remarkable Bibliographist 3/72

Stefanov, Stefan A Bulgarian on the World Stage of Science Prof. Ivan N. Stransky (1897-1979) 2/42

Stefanov, Valery The University 1/22

Stransky, Ivan Thoughts on Creativity in Arts and Exact Sciences 2/48

Toshev, Borislav Training of Researchers in the University of Sofia (1930-1943) 1/25

Toshev, Borislav - Sustainability and Disturbances of the Scientific Process 6/3

Tzekova, Ekaterina Half a Century for the National Polytechnic Museum 4/72

Valchev, Boyan Crazy Dreamer, Figure Unthinkable (140 years of the death of Georgi Rakovski) 5/58

Valchev, Boyan Schools, Textbooks, the Language of Manuals and the Bulgarian Literary Language 6/47

Vaptzarova, Gabriela, Ilieva, Darina The 1877-1878 Bulgaria Liberation War in Documents 2/39

Vassileva, Elena Ceremony for the 110th Anniversary of Academician Doncho Kostov 4/76

Videnov, Michail The European Union and Challenges for the Bulgarian Linguists 2/3

Videnov, Michail On Some Tricks in Bulgarian Language Tuition 6/44

Vis, Cornelis-Mario Towards a European Labour Market for Researchers 1/29

Vitanov, Nikolay The Matrix 1/34

Vitanov, Nikolay Shall we survive? 5/3

Vitanov, Nikolai, Dimitrova-Vitanova, Zlatinka, Panchev, Stoycho On the Bulgarian Research System 6/64

Vlahov, Nikola Refreshment Drinks 4/54

Vulkanova, Anna Public Communication in Favor of Development 4/49

Zagorcheva, Marina Astronomy Bases of the Old Bulgarian Calendar 5/45

Zhecheva, Genoveva European Research Area: Challenges and Perspectives 3/10



2007 USB Competition for Scientific Achievements 6/13

A New Instrument for Funding Research and Innovation 4/24

Academician Roumen Tzanev (5 October 1922 - 23 July 2007) 5/66

Awards of the Union of Chemists in Bulgaria for 2006 2/52

Bulgarian Equipment for Studying Space 4/27

Bulgarian Science Part of the European Research Area 2/24

Bulgarian Scientists in the European Research Area 1/4

Ceremonial Speech of Prof. Bojan Biolchev Rector of St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University 4/15

Competition for Doctoral Students Scientific Achievements Launched Jointly by Higher Attestation Committee, Union of Scientists in Bulgaria and Federation of Science and Technical Societies Joint 6/12

Greeting Speech of President Georgi Parvanov 4/12

Ivan Vlahov, MD (19252007) 5/67

Key Figures 2007 for Science, Technology and Innovation 4/25

Lisbon Aims Appeal for Better Coordination of Actions 3/20

Members of the Scientific Committtees to the Higher Accreditation Committee 1/73

Ministry of Education and Science Awards For Particular Achievements in Science 2006 1/70

On Some Issues of Science in Bulgaria 3/30

Perspectives for Science and Researchers in Bulgaria and Romania 1/6

Prof. Alexander Dimitrov, D.Sc. 5/68

Prof. Georgi Minchev (15.06.1930-19.06.2007) 4/75

Prof. Ivan Ilchev, DSc The Newly Elected Rector of Our Alma Mater 6/40

Prof. Vassil Anachkov, D.Sc. (19232007) 5/69

Recommendations in Support of Research and Implementation Activities 6/27

Researchers Incomes in the European Union 5/29

Round Table on Bulgarian Language Problems 6/44

Seminar on Science Communication 3/44

The 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics 3/3

The FP7 People Specific Programme 3/21

The Mini Nobel Prize in Physics for 2006 Again a Student of the Technical University Sofia 2/51

Theses for National Plan for Research Development in Bulgaria within the Frames of the Lisbon Strategy 5/18

USB Competition for Journalists Writing on Science Issues and USB Activities 6/16

Young Researchers Movement 5/49