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745 Williams Hall; 255 South 36 the Street
Philadelphia , PA 19104-6305
Tel. 215/898-8704 Fax: 215/573-7794

Vladislav Todorov

Office: 431 Williams Hall/6305
Email: vtodorov@sas.upenn.edu
Phone: 215-898-6056
Office Hrs: MW 1:30-2:30

Fall 2002 Courses:
RUSS 022 - Terrorism: Russian Origins 21c. Methods.
RUSS 225 - Russian History in Film


Ph.D. in Russian Studies from The University of Pennsylvania (1996); 
Ph.D. in Aesthetics from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1987); 
M.A. from the Theater and Film Academy, Sofia (1982).

Teaching History at Penn

Courses Taught: Elementary and Intermediate Russian Language (001, 002); Russian Avant-Garde: Visual Culture. Film. Literature (024); Survey Course in Russian Literature (031, 032); Russian History in Film, Drama and Fiction (225); Terrorism: Origin and Conspiratorial Structures (434)


Red Square, Black Square: Organon for Revolutionary Imagination, Albany: State University of New York Press, 1995. 

Short Paradox for the Theater and Other Figures of Life, Sofia: Sofia UP, 1997. 

The Adam Complex: Essays on Politics, Sofia: Ivan Vazov, 1991. 

"The Birth of the Mummy from the Spirit of Ideology," College Literature 1 (1994). 

"Introduction to the Philosophy of the Ruins," The Yale Journal of Criticism 1 (1993). 

"Rouge/Noir," L'infini 33, Paris (1991): 133-142. 

"Ino-skazanie bez inogo," Consciousness in Socio-Cultural Dimension, Moscow: Academy of Sciences, 1990.

Research Projects

Over a period of ten years Vladislav Todorov has worked on various research projects in the fields of politics, culture, and literature, which were supported by institutions like: 

  • Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington: a project on the Balkan Risk Factor and NATO Expansion. 
  • Open Society Institute Research Support Scheme: a project on Terrorism in XIX c. Russia and its influence on the Balkans. 
  • Central European University Research Grant, Prague: a project on the exclusive status of writing in the authoritarian state. 
  • Central European University Research Grant, Budapest: a project on the prophetic visions of Kafka and Platonov. 
  • Naumann Foundation Research Grant: a project on the post-communist institution building. 
  • Institut fuer die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, Vienna: a project on the political aesthetics of public realm. 
  • Moscow Institute of Philosophy, Department of Politics: a project on political modernism and the modernization theories in the Soviet Russia.











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