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e-mail: mtodorov@history.ufl.edu,


1971 M.A. History; B.A. English, University of Sofia, Bulgaria.
1977 Ph.D., University of Sofia.


2001- Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1996-2001 Professor, University of Florida
1999 Visiting Professor, Harvard University;
1999 Visiting Professor, Bosphorus University, Istanbul
1996 Visiting Professor, Karl-Franzens Universit?-Graz, Austria
1994-1996 Associate Professor, University of Florida
1992-1994 Assistant Professor, University of Florida
1990-1992 Visiting Mellon Distinguished Professor, Rice University
1989-1990 Visiting Fulbright Professor, University of California, Irvine
1988-1989 Visiting Fulbright Professor, University of Maryland, College Park
1984-1992 Associate Professor, University of Sofia
1973-1984 Assistant Professor, University of Sofia


2001-2002 John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship
2000-2001 National Humanities Center Fellowship
2000 Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, School of Historical Study: membership (declined)
1999 Humanities Scholarship Enhancement Fund, University of Florida: for summer, 2000
1999 Visiting Professor, Harvard University
1999 Visiting Professor, Bosphorus University, Istanbul
1997 Research Foundation Professorship Award, University of Florida
1996 Guest Professorship, Karl-Franzens University-Graz, Austria
1994-1995 Fellow, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
1994 ACLS Travel Grant, 7th International Congress for Southeast European Studies, Thessaloniki, Greece
1990-1992 Visiting Mellon Distinguished Professor (Rice University).
1988-1990 Fulbright Grant for Lecturing (Universities of California, Irvine and Maryland, College Park)
1988 Fellow, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
1987 Greek Government Grant, Institute for Balkan Studies, Thessaloniki: language course.
1987 Research Scholarship for the Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social History, UK from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
1983 University of Sofia Grant: Course on Ottoman Paleography and Diplomatics Oriental Department, National Library, Sofia.
1981 Scholarship from the Laboratoire de Demographie Historique, Paris: Intensive Course in Historical Demography, Diploma.
1973-1975 Exchange Scholar Status, Institute for Balkan Studies, Moscow; Institute for Oriental Studies, Moscow; Institute for Oriental Studies, Leningrad. (Exchange Program between Universities and Academies of Science of Bulgaria and USSR).
1972 Research Scholarship from The Great Britain/East Europe Center, London, UK: St.Anthony College, Oxford; Public Record Office, London.


Chair, Academic Committee, Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in the Balkans
Member, Board of Directors, AAASS (2000-2003)
Member, RAP for Eastern Europe and Eurasia, SSRC
Member, ACLS Committee on East Europe Studies
Member, Advisory Board, Kokkalis Program for Balkan Studies, Harvard University
Member, Program Committee of IREX (International Research & Exchange Board), (1995-1998)
Member, Editorial Board, "American Historical Review" (1998-2001)
Member, Editorial Board, "Slavic Review"
Member, Editorial Board, "East-European Quartery"
Member, Editorial Board, "L'Homme. Zeitschrift fur feministische Geschichtswissenschaft"
Member, Editorial Board, "Southeast European and Black Sea Studies"
Anonymous Reviewer, "Slavic Review"
Anonymous Reviewer, "American Historical Review"
Anonymous Project Reviewer, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
Anonymous Reviewer, "East European Politics and Societies"


American Historical Association (AHA)
American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS)
Association Internationale des Ťtudes Sud-Est Europ»en (AIESEE)
Bulgarian Studies Association (BSA)
past memberships:
Middle East Studies Association (MESA)
Social Science History Association (SSHA)
Bulgarian Historical Society (BID)
Centre International des Ťtudes Pre-Ottoman et Ottoman (CIEPO)

PUBLICATIONS (in chronological order)
(* indicates publication which has appeared in translation or is version of previously published one)

Sole author or editor

1. Rugier Boshkovich, Dnevnik na edno pÕtuvane (Diary of a Journey), Sofia: Otechestven front, 1975 (Introduction, translation and commentary of an 18th century travelogue, in Bulgarian).
2. Podbrani izvori za istoriyata na balkanskite narodi XV-XIX vek (Selected Sources for the History of the Balkan People, 15th-19th cc.), Sofia: Nauka i izkustvo, 1977 (Intr., trans., ed., in Bulgarian).
3. Angliya, Rusiya i TanzimatÕt (England, Russia and the Tanzimat) Sofia: Nauka i izkustvo, 1980 (author, in Bulgarian).
*4. Angliya, Rossiya i Tanzimat (England, Russia and the Tanzimat). Moscow: Nauka, Glavnoe izdatel'stvo vostochnoi literatury, 1983 (author, revised edition, in Russian).
5. Aspects of the Eastern Question, Sofia: Sofia University & CIBAL, 1986 (editor, in several languages).
6. English Travellers' Accounts on the Balkans (sixteenth-nineteenth centuries). Vol.7 of series: Foreign Travellers' Accounts on the Balkans. Sofia: Nauka i Izkustvo, 1987 (Intr., trans., ed., in Bulgarian).
7. Istoritsi za istoriyata (Historians on History). (An anthology of Western historical thought during the 20th c.), Sofia: Universitetsko izdatelstvo "Kliment Okhridski" , 1988. (Intr., trans., ed., in Bulgarian).
8. Balkan Family Structure and the European Pattern: Demographic Developments in Ottoman Bulgaria. Washington, D.C.: American University Press, 1993.
9. Imagining the Balkans, New York: Oxford University Press, 1997.
*10. Balkani i BalkanizÕm (Sofia: Fondatsiya za bulgarska nauka i kultura, 1999, expanded Bulgarian version of 9).
*11. Imaginarni Balkan (Belgrade: Bibliotheca XX veka, 1999, Serbian translation of 9)
*12. Die Erfindung des Balkans (Darmstadt: Primus Verlag, 1999, German translation of 9).
*13. Balcanii _i balcanismul (Bucharest: Humanitas, 2000, Romanian translation of 9).
*14. Valkania. I ditiki fantasiosi (Athens, Thessaloniki: Paratiritis, 2000, Greek translation of 9).
15. National Identities and National Memories in the Balkans (Hurst, London & New York University Press, forthcoming; editor, introduction and co-author).

The Slovenian and Italian translations are in print, and there are forthcoming Turkish, Croatian and Macedonian ones.

Co-author or co-editor

16. La r»volution industrielle dans le sud-est europ»en - XIX s. Sofia: Institut d'»tudes balkaniques, Mus»e national polytechnique, 1977 (co-editor, in English, French and German).
17. Rumeliiski delnitsi i praznitsi ot XVIII vek (Everyday life in Rumelia during the 18th century). Sofia: Otechestven front, 1978 (co-author, in Bulgarian).


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Book reviews and encyclopedia articles

Over 100 in different languages.


1. The Ottoman Balkans (University of Sofia; University of Maryland-College Park; University of California-Irvine, Rice University, University of Florida, University of Graz)
2. Modern Balkan History: Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Romania, Albania, Turkey (University of Sofia; University of Maryland-College Park; University of California-Irvine, Rice University, University of Florida, Harvard University, Bosphorus University)
3. The Eastern Question (University of Sofia, University of California-Irvine)
4. European Family History (University of California-Irvine, Rice University)
5. Sources and Historiography of Balkan history (University of Sofia)
6. Ottoman Decline and Balkan National Resurgence (University of Sofia)
7. The Historical Demography of the Ottoman Empire (University of Sofia)
8. The Europeanization of the Ottoman Empire (University of Sofia)
9. Europe's Five Hundred Years, 15th-20th centuries (Rice University)
10. Eastern Europe (Rice University)
11. Western Civilization since 1800 (University of Florida)
12. Nationalism (graduate seminar, University of Florida)
13. Introduction to Bulgarian History (University of Graz)
14. Representing the Balkans: History and Theory (graduate colloquium, University of Graz)
15. Alterity in History (graduate seminar, University of Florida, Harvard University)
18. History of Travel (senior colloquium, University of Florida)
19. Historiography: the Annales school (University of Florida)


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