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Curriculum Vitae


Jordan Todorov Petkov

Unilever Resarch&Development Port Sunlight, Quarry Road East , Bebington, Wirral , CH63 3JW , UK

Phone: +44 (0) 151 641 13 78; Fax: +44 (0) 151 641 1843

Net: Jordan.Petkov@Unilever.Com


Name: Jordan

Surname: Todorov

Family Name: Petkov

Date and Place

of Birth: April 11, 1966 , Triavna , Bulgaria


Marital Status: Married with two children


Nationality: Bulgarian

Education and Career:


To Present Research Scientist in Hair Category, Unilever R&D Port Sunlight, Quarry Road East, Bebington, Wirral, CH63 3JW, UK


April 2001 December 2002 Marie Curie Fellow at Unilever Research Port Sunlight Laboratory, Quarry Road East, Bebington, Wirral, Merseyside, CH63 3 JW, UK.


Nov. 1996 - April 1998 Eighteen months research visit at the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal, C.N.R.S., 33600 Pessac, France


Dec. 1994 - Feb. 1995 Three months research visit at the Department of Fluid Mechanics, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen, Germany


Nov. 1993 - Jan. 1994 Three months research visit at the Department of Fluid Mechanics, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen, Germany


March 1995 April 2001 Research Associate at Faculty of Chemistry, Sofia University, 1 James Bourchier Ave., 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria


Jan. 1992 March 1995 Ph.D. student, University of Sofia, Faculty of Chemistry.

Ph D Thesis: "Determination of Surface Rheological Properties, Including Methods with Probing Particle". PhD Thesis Defended in March 2001.


1986-1991 Graduate student of University of Sofia , Faculty of Chemistry. Major:Chemistry and Physics GPA: 5.84 points out of 6. M.Sc. Thesis: "Ultrafiltration of Charged Colloidal Particles ".

1984-1986 Military Service (obligatory according to the Bulgarian law).

1980-1984 Student in Triavna High School . GPA 6.00 points out of 6.


Research Interests: Dynamics of Particles at Interfaces; Rheological Properties of Fluid-Fluid Interfaces; Membrane Filtration; Micellar Properties and Applications; Static and Dynamic Light Scattering in Relation to Colloidal Systems, Non-DLVO Forces in Emulsions, Protein and Surfactant/Polymer Stabilized Emulsions, Deposition of Oil Droplets on Solid Substrates.


Teaching Experience:

1. Separation Processes (Graduate Level)

2. Stability of Colloidal Dispersions (Graduate Level)

3. Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis (Graduate Level)



Peer Review Services: Langmuir

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science


Advised and Co-Advised Theses:


1. "Surface Rheological Properties of Milk Proteins at Air-Water Interface" (MSc)

2. " Measurement of the Yield Stress of Gellike Protein Layers on Liquid Surfaces by Means of an Attached Particle " (MSc)


Membership: American Chemical Society: 1995-1999


Awards: Gold Medal of Triavna High School for excellence in 1984.

Gold Medal of National Technological Youth Competition Pazardgik , Bulgaria in 1984.

Gold medal of Sofia University for outstanding academic achievements in 1988/1989 academic year.

Yearly Student Academic Award for Excellence 1986-1991 (Issued by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education)


Spoken Languages: English, Russian, French, and German (recently I started a course).






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