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Ivan N. Stranski: An Exciting Journey to the Academic Top

Nikolina Sretenova


This paper presents some findings of a documentary research on the life story and scientific career development of the Bulgarian physicist-chemist Iwan N. Stranski (1897-1979), who is internationally acknowledged for being The Father of crystal growth. The research has been carried out at 18 Archive Institutes 3 in Bulgaria and 15 abroad (in Germany, USA and United Kingdom).

The collected archive documents provide a good basis for writing I. Stranskis biography (Up to date there is no any written biography of I. Stranski, neither in German nor in Bulgarian, despite the fact that over the course of time at least 10 official celebrations of Stranskis jubilees took place in Western Berlin.)

The fieldwork on this project carried out in Germany became possible due to the offered visiting study fellowship from DAAD in 2002.

I use the opportunity to thank DAAD for the offered financial support for this project as well as my colleagues from the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin and the Archiv zur Geschichte der Max-Planck Gesellschaft for their professional help and consultation on the topic of the project.





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