The archaeoseismology – a new scientific discipline for Bulgaria
Boyko Ranguelov

A new integrative discipline called archaeoseismology (now well known in the scientific world) is starting its development in Bulgaria. Targeted investigations to extract seismological information from ancient archaeological objects have been performed during the last several years and produced interesting and useful data and information about ancient earthquakes affected our lands. Something more – frequently strong earthquakes are accompanied by other consecutive natural disasters (tsunamis, landslides, liquefaction, etc.) the investigated sites – Provadia-Solnitsata and Cypele temple in Balchick gave the possibility to reconstruct the scenarios of the ancient disastrous events affected the old civilizations. The richness with high quality archaeological objects and the distribution of active seismic sources on the territory of Bulgaria are real forerunners to expect new and positive results of the investigations performed by the new born discipline in Bulgaria – archaeoseismology.




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