Last updated: 11.24.2005.

Status and Perspectives for Mechatronics Education

Todor D. Neshkov


Being a relatively new training subject and field of instruction, Mechatronics becomes ever more popular within the frame of engineering education.The present article discusses the state-of-the-art and trends in Mechatronics education in various countries, the subsequent advantages and disadvantages and suggests a relevant conception to be applied in the Technical University Sofia. The conception considers the long time training experience in different specialized engineering fields gathered by the Department of Automation of Discrete Manufacturing Engineering (ADP), as well as the knowledge from a three year participation in the international project entitled Mechatronics and sponsored by DAAD (the German Agency for Academic Exchange) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. habi. Helmut Wurmus, TU Ilmenau, Germany. Key words: mechatronics, higher education, robotics



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