Last updated: 11.24.2005.


Nonlinear science and natural hazards - a new scientific European direction

Boyko Ranguelov


The paper presents a modern European topic of research connected with the natural hazards of any kind and their nonlinear properties and applications. Space and time distributions, damage estimations, affected groups of people behavior are the small part of the practical issues of such approach from global, trough regional, up to the very local influence. The promising results show the applicability of such methodology nonlinear properties of many phenomena could be studied and implemented in the everyday practice of safety and security. The results are promising as well as because they can be exploited by the recent high technologies for fast response and preventive measures. The nonlinearity of the deterministic functions supposed the development of the new mathematical approaches and methodologies for the study and investigations of phenomena, which up to now have been considered as pure probabilistic.





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