Chance and direction in evolution


Konstantin . Chipev




This is a review of the different attitudes towards the theory of evolution the neo-Darwinian atheistic stance, the agnostic, the theistic and the view of the religious fundamentalists (scientific creationism and Intelligent design). Chance is considered the major obstacle for religious people to accept evolutionary theory. A careful analysis of the structure of evolutionary theory shows that chance plays its role in a confined way, i.e., not all outcomes have equal probabilities. There should be rules (laws) governing the effects of chance. Besides natural selection other laws may lead to self-organization, may help the navigation to functionally habitable zones in the space of all possible variants (forms, body-plans, behaviors etc.). Thus evolution becomes compatible with a worldview in which a transcendent God (Logos) is not intruding during the evolution of the of life, but is responsible for all Darwinian and other self-organizing mechanisms involved in this process.