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Last updated: 09.20.2005.



Evolution of the Models of Science Policy and

the Challenges to Communication patterns in Science

Kostadinka Simeonova



The impact of science policy on the communication in science is projected  on the three phase model of the former,  distinguishing between Policy for Science,

Science in Policy and the Policy for Technological Innovation. The main challenges are related with the role of the policy to balance between the goal to secure the advancement of science  per se and to increase its role for the economic  and social development. In each phase the science policy promotes in different way: formal and informal  communication; disciplinary and interdisciplinary / trans-disciplinary communications; networking activity in the “hybrid forums”. The new trends reflect also the evolving scientific culture - from purely academic it embeds many elements of economic and civic cultures. The knowledge society concept is bringing additional challenge to the communication with other actors in the innovation system. 


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