The three Revolutions of Prince Boris I and the European Integration of Bulgaria

Vladimir Huntov



Aim of the elaboration: An interpetation in a new way of one of the key periods in the development of Bulgaria – the rule of Prince Boris I.

In the last quarter of the 9th century, during the reign of Bulgarian ruler Prince Boris I, Medieval Bulgaria turns incredibly fast from a semi-barbaric pagan country into a first-class and еqual player on the European stage after the successful realization of: 1) A religious revolution; 2) A cultural revolution; 3) An ethnogenetic revolution. The strategic goal of Boris I was achieved – Bulgaria was integrated in the European religious, cultural and political space. Bulgaria not only legitimates its presence on the European continent and wins itself a merited place in Europe, but also begins to exert a favourable and lasting influence on the development of  East- and South Slavic nations in the direction of the European spiritual values. The accession of Bulgaria to the European Union in 2007 can be interpreted as its new reintegration in Europe. A large part of the merit is prince Boris’s. As far back as 1100 years ago, with his activity, he was the first to lay the solid  foundations of the European future of Bulgaria.