The Phenomen Paronimy in the Andtomical Ttherminology

Pavlina Kantcheva, Delcho Andreev


Paronyms are words close in sounding but having less or more different lexical meanings. Because of the closeness of their outer form they are a matter of mistakes in the speech, i.e. the one word is incorrectly used instead of the other. The studying of the phenomenon of paronymy with a view to the teaching process is motivated by the opportunity of controlling the possible mistakes in this respect. Necessary to know for this purpose are the premises of similar mistakes both on language and terminological level. In the present study, therefore, attention is paid to several characteristic cases of paronymy in the anatomical terminology, as follows: 1) between Bulgarian anatomical terms or elements of terms, 2) between Latin anatomical terms, 3) between Latin terminological borrowings, 4) between Bulgarian proper or Latin borrowed terms and Latin terms, 5) between anatomical terms and terms of other sciences, 6) between anatomical terms and generally used words, and 7) intermediate cases of paronymy and homonymy. Creative approach to the control of the paronymous mistakes in the process of teaching is the preventive lecturerís strategy based on a terminological bank of paronyms.