Tshinval (Цхинвал), Sukhum (Сухум), Kosovo

Language “Arms” of the Russian and American Diplomacy

Vladimir Huntov


Aim of the elaboration: Analysis of some linguistic facts related to the recognition of the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia (by Russia) and Kosovo (by the USA).

 Main findings: Russia and the USA hold diametrically opposed positions and irreconcilable contradictions concerning the recognition of the sovereignty of South Ossetia,Abkhazia and Kosovo. The two great countries use as a diplomatic "weapon" different in nature but effective enough and completely understandable linguistic symbols. Undoubtedly, as a result of their use the following matches occur:

1) the disrespect to the sovereignty of Georgia within the territories of South Ossetia and Abkhazia is emphasized as well as the disrespect to the sovereignty of Serbia in Kosovo;

2) the political resolve of the two great countries to maintain the independence of the new countries from their former sovereigns, Georgia and Serbia, is demonstrated;

3) in a situation of global geopolitical confrontation each of these great countries implicitly, but firmly shows confidence in the correctness of its position and complete disregard to the position of the opposite country.