Last updated: 06.23.2005.


The Attempt for a Conservative Electoral Reform in 1883

Todor Galunov


            The debates concerning the electoral reform show the ideological quest of our political elite in their ambition to ensure more efficient selection of the national reprezentatives. It is significant that the dominated by the conservatives parliament is forced, in the name of the compromise, to accept as a basis of the electoral system the liberal formulae. The great ideologocal clash is posponed in view of the planned within three years amendments in the Constitution, which sould be in a moderate conservative spirit and should predetermine a more conservative character of the electoral sustem, too. History, however, had another thing in store. The reform in the electoral system was never implemented. In 1886 the political forces gave up the conservative constitutional model, which predetermined the liberal character of te Bulgarian electoral system during the next decades.



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