Peer review (research assessment) of project-based financing


Albena Voutsova


Research assessment is an issue which is actively discussed in the scientific community. Historically it derives from the past centuries, but even up to now there is no clear vision how and to what extent the research assessment should be used. In many countries the research evaluations an integral part of the research process and has been used as a corrective indicator when the scientific budget of given research entity is being elaborated. This approach is not a practice applied toward our national research organizations and there is no reflection in the official documents.

Research assessment is a very interesting act because it is very different when applied to various research areas. The practices used show that evaluators should be independent and, if possible, international. With few exceptions for social and humanity sciences, the international and independent research evaluation is very much welcome. Social and humanity sciences are a bit country – specific and it is recommendable to be used national evaluators acquainted with local problems.